Opeth ( Live Action Report)


This episode started last week. I noticed an ad to win tickets to an Opeth show. I had my phone and did what the ad asked. Well, Friday I get a call from 99X; a radio station that I never seem able to dial in. The very nice lady informed me that I was a winner of two tickets. The first thing I did was text Dr. Larry.  Dr. L is the only person I know who can buy lawn seats and wind up in the mosh pit.  His love and knowledge of music  makes him my first contact whenever I wanna see a show.  The hide and seek game we end up playing, with the ushers never gets old, although we might be getting to old for it.

I picked the Dr. up and I drove us downtown to the House Of Blues in Cleveland. For the first time in my life, I used Valet. The dude collecting the money had the biggest wad of cash (eight inches thick.) I couldn’t help but think there was potential for some thievery. Nah, I am sure the Valet owner’s last name ends in a vowel.

We picked up our tickets and went to the bar and wasted some time to let the long line filter into the show area.  The opening act was Katatonia, who I had never heard of. They are a Heavy Metal band from Sweden.  They sounded like Evanescence but with a Male vocalist. Dr. L described them as Type O Negative with Aaron Lewis (Stained) on Vocals. I agreed with the Lewis comparison.  During one track, the Dr. thought they said “Root Beer Float.” I thought he sung “Soiled Sun.”  I am still not sure what was said.  These guys are professionals and there were some hardcore Katatonia fans there. They are a solid, professional metal band that doesn’t scream every other word, so they are worth checking out for any metal heads.  I hate to be critical of artists (yep here it comes), especially ones that have been at it since 1991.  These guys left me with musical blue balls. The build up was great and the music was tight, but for me at least,  that happy finish never came.  To much meandering for me.  Maybe I am getting to old and just didn’t get it.

I had heard of Opeth, but never listened to their material, knowingly. I did listen to some tracks on Saturday, but I have been so busy, that I just wasn’t able to get more familiar with this band before the show.  I was blown away at times during their set.  Sid Barret came to mind, along with Deep Purple and Slayer.  They have over 20 years of material to draw from and their variety of sounds  and they relieved any leftover musical blue ball issues. I was a little concerned about Devil worship, but Black Sabbath meandered with that angle and it never bothered me with them.

During one of their slower tracks, we got stuck in the middle of some controversy.   There was this fan sitting directly behind the Dr. and me.  This guy was yelling for everyone to shut up, during this mellow tune.  Well, this dude said it was bullcrap that people were yelling during quiet time of the song.  I whispered to Dr. L, ” when did they start having quiet time at metal shows?” It was pretty obvious that the quiet one was alone in his wishes, when the lead vocalist called him out by saying everyone has an asshole.  I wonder what that dude was thinking, or were the rest of us there, just crazy and he was the one on to something.  I don’t think he was on to something, but on something.

I highly recommend seeing Opeth live. It would be wise to get familiar with their catalog of creations beforehand, but we had a great time, and as usual live action, music is never disappointing when shared with Dr. Larry.

The only video “Deliverance” was an experience live. It was like a Vegas buffet of sounds. The last three minutes of the song was purely epic. Blue balls be gone.

Opeth official homepage

Opeth Facebook page

Katatonia official homepage

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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