Savages – Band of the Month 05/2013

Photo Credit - Savages

Photo Credit – Savages

Savages are the band of the month. This band of artists dwells on the Island. There is such a natural presence about this group. Like a pack of lions perched on a cliff side of a mountain. This group exudes an aura of prominence. My ears tell me the influences range from Sabbath, Billy Idol to Joy Division.  Is this the possible apex of Post Punk? Has it arrived and only awaiting the masses approval? Will time favor the Savages? Is the world ready for the first rate minded art being created here? Anger combined with intelligence is a dangerous cocktail. I honestly don’t know if this group is as good as I think or am I just so damn hungry for something.  Hunger is powerful and this is one hungry band; hungry to make a difference of some sort, I would surmise. I would love the chance to ask them that.  What drives them to create?

This band consists of Jehnny Beth on vocals. Gemma Thompson is on guitar. Ayse Hassan is on bass and Fay Milton is the drummer. This band started out in 2011 and their name comes from William Golding’s book, Lord of the Flies.  The book is about an island, no not The Island, where kids are marooned and stranded during a nuclear war. They end up having to self govern and the ones who protest take to the wild as savages. Hence the name, Savages, if my second rate mind is deciphering proper.

I have read nothing but excellent reviews for this band. Their live shows are an experience. Heck, their creations alone are an experience.

The first video “Shut Up” is a masterpiece. Deep minded poetry from a post punk band makes my heart full of joy. The second video “She Will” is pure pounding emotional track of ecstasy. The third video “F*ckers” is a live cut. Anger in art is legend’s gruel.

Savages official homepage

Savages Facebook page

Savages Twitter feed

Savages iTunes page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts full of kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


4 responses to “Savages – Band of the Month 05/2013

  1. This is a really cool review , I think i feel the same way. I love the savages, they have that something I’m looking, and have been waiting for from in a band. I feel like we’re on a wonderful ‘MAGICAL JOURNEY’. Great debut album with Silence yourself, does the trick for me, looking forward to the gigs.

    • I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them live, but the few reviews from people I respect, give glowing reviews; flawless, as they belong with no reservations. Thanks, and glad you liked the review.

  2. [ Anger combined with intelligence is a dangerous cocktail ] great line- and yes it is, but it is also delicious- post punk with an industrial tube station flair…love it!

    • They got a few more reviews than the artists I like to share, but I cant get away from them. They ruined my mining for awhile. Nothing will sound good for a bit. I like your description as well. Industrial could get a little lift here. I missed that.

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