photo credit - Brolin

photo credit – Brolin

Brolin is the artist of the day. Brolin is from the Island, and is based in London.  This artist brews up a hot pot of electronic pop. Research Department failed at finding any self descriptions, so I am slinging it on my own. He grooves at a slow, heavy pace with some cool lyrics to accompany his creations. This stuff is pretty chill, and I can drive, dance or read with it blaring or tinkling.

I am gonna be clear here. If all I shared was what I loved there would be nothing but Beatles, Skinyard, Joy Division, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, the Kinks and Johnny Cash influenced music. I gotta ride that Star Trek flow and go where most rockers my age won’t go.  I do like this stuff.  I dig the thumping and the clean lyrics. There seems to be a bit of orchestration involved. Auto-tune scares the heck out of me when it comes to trying to evaluate the vocals of this genre.  Brolin sounds legit here. They throw in Re-mixes to mind screw the dung out of dudes like me.

I read Dave Grohl’s quote about shows like Idol, the Voice and whatever they want to call it, and I mostly agree with what he said ( I usually do.)  The only part, I disagreed with, was the internet and computer part. There was a time when dudes didn’t have electric, but when they figured out how to use it on instruments; Heads started moving.  I remember some old dude (me, mirror, now) that ran the first factory, I worked in, and that was when computers were entering the workplace. That guy hated computers, like they were going to end the world. I guess they did end his world in a way, but good or bad, a new world opened up for the rest of us.  The art of music will benefit or suffer due to technology, and only time will determine that.  I am not gonna be that guy in the meantime.  Brolin is cool beans.

The first video “NYC” is satisfying. The second video “Another Year” is a good warm her up track.  The third video “Reykjavik” is the track to crack that second bottle of wine on.

Brolin official homepage

Brolin Facebook page

Brolin Twitter feed

Brolin soundcloud page

Have a blessed day.  Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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