Drunk Mums

photo credit - Drunk Mums

photo credit – Drunk Mums

Drunk Mums are the band of the day. These rockers sling it from Melbourne, Australia. They are a garage/menopause band. Their description, not mine and I won’t argue since I have never had the pleasure of menopause. I reckon I have stopped it from occurring four times, if I include my own gestation period. I suppose it would be approximately 36 times to be more accurate, but this isn’t an Oprah favored blog, so lets get on to this rock-centric band from the continent that is often overlooked when it comes to music and the arts.  When I picture a bunch of drunk Oprah fans creating some tunes, this is not the sound envisioned. These guys bring it hard enough, and create a clean sound with solid melodies. There is enough punk here to ruffle the edges.

The band consists of Jake Doyle and Dean Whitby on guitar and vocals.  Adam Ritchie  is on bass and vocals.  Jonny Badlove  is the drummer and Isaac Forsyth  is on tambourine. These guys have been together since at least 2010 and slung out an EP, Eventual Ghost, in 2011. They released a self titled LP in 2012.  The research department discovered that these dudes gave iTunes a mid finger salute over some censorship due to their cover art. The breasts on the cover didn’t go over well with the Apple folks. While the mature side of this middle aged rocker wants to side with Apple, I got to give it to these dudes for making a stand.  I can understand how many would be offended by this cover, but each person should have the freedom to use their own experiences and origin influences to make their own judgment. That is how I see it, and how you see it is fine by me.  I am not wanting to start a war over body part cover art.  I don’t think the Drunk Mums want to either, but freedom is an oxymoron sometimes. They just wanna rock and rock they do.

The first video “Rubbing Your Gums” is a great track with an interesting video. The second video “Eventual Ghost” is from the 2011 EP. The third video “Big Trippin Titties” is a surfing, punking, bass infused, offensive to Oprah fans track.

Drunk Mums Facebook page

Drunk Mums BandCamp page

Drunk Mums Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Remember to fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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    • Your the best. I have been so busy with life that it has been hard to keep up with what I was doing. I am hopeful that the quality will improve with less quantity. At least until my other priorities give me more time for this.

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