The Wytches – Underground Band of the Week 05/03

Photo Credit - Keira Annee

Photo Credit – Keira Annee

The Wytches are the underground band of the week. This three/four piece group comes at us from The Island. Brighton, England is where they rest their weary bones. My musical compass is seemingly always pointed in that direction. This band is a surf/doom, psychedelic rock band. They got that echoed guitar, jive going on and they make it work for me.  It’s  heavy and dark and there is nothing manufactured here. It is created and emotion filled.

The band consists of Kristian Bell on vocals, guitar and organ. Dan Rumsey  is on bass and back vocals. Gianni Honey is the drummer and Mark Breed is listed as an occasional shred, so I assume he kicks some extra riffs in when needed.  Kristian Bell reminds me some of Matt Schultz, the lead singer of Cage The Elephant.  There is a grungy feel to their sound and since they list Nirvana as an influence there should be. The band has only been together for a couple of years so their exposure has been limited. This could be one of those bands that has a hard time getting warm up gigs, because larger bands may be afraid of being overshadowed by this young group. I think if this band keeps their nose clean, and they stay hungry their future looks bright.

I want to wish Pete Seeger, happy birthday. He is 94 years old today. I do regret that I can’t attend his birthday party in Beacon, New York at the Sloop Club. Pete will be there. Pete is legend.

The first video “Digsaw” is the track that sucked me in. The second video “Tricks and dance” is a dark love track. I love the vocals and energy from this one.  The third video “Beehive Queen” is probably my favorite.

The Wytches Official homepage

The Wytches Facebook page

The Wytches Twitter feed

The Wytches BandCamp page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today. Love thyself.


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