Otis Taylor Band

Photo Credit - Len Irish

Photo Credit – Len Irish

The Otis Taylor Band is the band of the day. Otis Taylor comes from Chicago, Illinois. Otis is an old school blues man, that grew up in Colorado. Trance Blues are the accurate words to describe his and the band’s creations.  I am gonna get down to it. I feel in love with the sounds from Otis, than a lady named Anne Harris came along and stole my soul. While the Devil was going to Georgia, Anne was fiddling me to Heaven.  I don’t want to sell Otis short, but my Lord this lady can handle a fiddle.  Otis is a legend among folks that know that love the Blues. I hate to admit that I had never heard of him, until recently.  I deducted that if I didn’t know of him, than many others are unaware of the masterful music this dude and his band creates. A living legend that is not reaching the amount of ears these sounds deserve.  His story alone, makes me pull for him.

Otis started out in the 60’s and in the mid 70’s decided to give up the “Rock Star” dreams and earn a living the way most of us do. He went to work and got into antique dealing. He made a good living. In the mid 90’s he was asked to perform at a get together. They had so much fun, that they did it again and again. That led to the first album, which lead to another and another. Timing is everything in life, and it sure was good timing for whoever asked Otis to play at that get together. My feet may not be thankful for that timing due to the bouncing they’ve had to endure from falling into the trance these creations cause, but what a treat they are.

The first video “10 Million Slaves” is their most popular track. The banjo came from Africa. I learned that fact from Otis and NPR. The second video “Hey Joe” is a live cut of an Anne Harris solo on the fiddle. The third video “Nasty Letter” is deep, concise and perfection.

Otis Taylor Band official Homepage
Otis Taylor Band Facebook page
Anne Harris official homepage

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today. Love thyself.


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