Triple Dose Tuesday 04/30 Orange Goblin, Children Collide, Shovels and Rope

photo credit - Orange Goblin

photo credit – Orange Goblin

Orange Goblin is from the Island, and have been slinging metal and blowing speakers from London,  for over 16 years.  Their creations are pure, proper metal, sprinkled with some southern and punk rock.  Some call it Stoner Rock, but around here in my house, we call it metal.  I am not a stoner, and references to dope as genre of music is the type of stuff that causes relapses.  Well, it has more to do with the concept that one has to be stoned to enjoy this kind of music, and that is a misconception.  These creations are stoked with power and will please ears (stoned or sober)  that enjoy the sounds of Sabbath and Motorhead.

Orange Goblin official home page (under construction 04/30)

Orange Goblin Facebook page

Orange Goblin Twitter feed

Orange Goblin iTunes page

photo credit - Children Collide

photo credit – Children Collide

Children Collide is from Melbourne, Australia. This is an underrated band which has been creating together since 2008. Johnny Mackay is one of the better male vocalists, that have graced my ears.  This group gives me a U2 vibe, and the lyrics are full of substance and thought provoking. Some music makes us feel good, and some makes us feel bad, and this group’s creations are a little of both.  I will share with you, that the first video “Loveless” ripped my heart out the first time.  I was still in stage one of the grieving process.  Today, I can watch it with little pain, but  reflect on where I was, and how far I have come regarding my own personal growth.  The video and song is a masterpiece for those that have been on the worst end of a break up. It allows us to fantasize and brings the grief to a head (Zit or pimple), which is what we need to go through for us to grow and move on.  The deeper we bury it, the longer the healing takes.  The arts can help us in so many ways if we just allow it.

Children Collide official homepage

Children Collide Facebook page

Children Collide Twitter feed

photo credit - Shovels and Rope

photo credit – Shovels and Rope

Shovels and Rope are from Charleston, South Carolina. This two piece group is true country. There isn’t any pop in their game unless we are talking Nehi. When I listen to Cary Ann Hearst push her vocals, I hear a tinge of Loretta Lynn.  Loretta is the truest female country vocalist ever.  This group has worked with Jack White and  Jack is one of my favorites as well.  I like that they label themselves as a sloppy tonk band.  Ole Hank Sr would have approved.

Shovels and Rope official homepage

Shovels and Rope Facebook page

Shovels and Rope Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Remember to fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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