The Digital Age

photo credit - The Digital Age

photo credit – The Digital Age

The Digital Age is the band of the day. This Christian band comes from Waco, Texas.  When God lead me to find Christian or faith artists for Sunday posts; I prayed that He would lead me to creative artists. Artists that truly created sounds that didn’t mirror popular secular artists.  It was a blessing to go through the fifty or so bands/artists that I listened to the last couple of days. I find the greatest blessings from the hunt.  I usually have to turn it over to Him, before we can settle on which one to share.  This band is made of artists in the truest sense. I will say that what they are creating is creative enough to hit this blog on any day of the week, and not just on Sunday.

This group consists of Mike Dodson on vocals, bass, piano, keyboard, and synth. Jeremy “B-Wack” Bush  is the drummer, who was featured in Modern Drummer. Jack Parker  is on vocals, guitar, banjo and rhodes. Mark Waldrop is on vocals,  guitar, and the mandolin. They have the coolest feature on their homepage. You can actually single out any of the artists on one of their Tube tracks. Mute or solo them, or adjust the level of sound. I have never seen this feature before, and it is novel, but intriguing nonetheless.  I listen to a ton of music and I cross many genres as the evidence of diversity on this blog will show. I can’t really compare this to any one group out there. I reckon since they used to perform with David Crowder, it would be easy to make that connection, but their sounds differ greatly.  The Digital Age are honest musicians (Thanks Guapola,) performing an incredible service to our Lord.  These artists have the potential to reach a wider range of ears than most Christian artists, due to their genuine creativity.  God is great and I am thankful for His steering me towards the blessed sounds of The Digital Age.

The first video “Oh my God/I am Seed” is the track that drew me in. The second video “Believe” is the track, you can play with on their homepage.   The third video “Never grow old” is about our immortal home (some down home sounds on this one).

The Digital Age homepage

The Digital Age Facebook page

The Digital Age Twitter feed

The Digital Age iTunes page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today. Sorry so late, it was one of those days.


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