Mystery Skulls

photo credit - Mystery Skulls

photo credit – Mystery Skulls

Mystery Skulls are the band of the day. This group is based out of Dallas, Texas. This is the first artist or group out of Texas that I have shared here, and also the first one that is this electronic. I listened to the new song from Daft Punk and set on a little mission to see if the system would bless us with an underground option from this genre. I have a soft spot in my ears for funk. Mystery Skulls can get funky and all that too.  I may be to old for clubbing, but I can still get my groove on. At least when nobody is looking.  My neck is gonna be sore.

Mystery Skulls is a project by the multi- talented Luis Dubuc. This artist creates all the sounds for this projects studio tracks.  He does it all and is self taught. Don’t just read past that without some thought. I am sure Luis had some form of music in grade school, but to take things to a professional level without some higher level of training is an example of the limitless abilities of our species.  Joe Lapchick comes to mind, how he became a legend in the sport of basketball. His formal schooling stopped at the sixth grade. Wiki read the 8th grade, but Bobby Knight says it was the sixth grade. Bobby knew Joe better than Wiki, so sixth grade it is (I just did my first wiki edit.) It is important to learn and get the best education possible, as I preach to my children, but nothing can deny passion. Passion combined with ability or a gift will reap rewards greater than any amount of income or social status.  In this case, we all can enjoy the rewards by getting our little grooves on with Mystery Skulls creations. We can do it on the cheap as well, since they are selling the EP “Mystery Skulls” for a dollar or more.  Art this good, at that price is priceless.

The first video “Money” is  bass thumping, electronic bliss.  The second video “Paralyzed” is a short love track.  The third video “Freaking Out” is doped up with funk.

Mystery Skulls blog page

Mystery Skulls Facebook page

Mystery Skulls Twitter feed

Mystery Skulls Soundcloud page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


4 responses to “Mystery Skulls

    • This the first one I shared, and it will be while before I share another. I get why people like it, and I can dig it for short periods, but I don’t have any on my MP3 player. .

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