Jillette Johnson

Photo Credit - Jillette Johnson

Photo Credit – Jillette Johnson

Jillette Johnson is the artist of the day. Jillette is from New York, New York. That is two days in row that I have shared artists from that great state. She is originally from Pound Ridge, New York. This is one artist that all should take note of. She is the complete package. She writes, composes and performs. All that while having a heart and the guts to match her passion for song. I can’t write the words to describe the respect I have for this artist or any artist who creates art that challenges wrongs that many choose to overlook. I won’t get anymore into it than that, but I am going to label her track “Cameron” as a punk pop song. It is as punk as they come and I love her for it.

Jillette has been performing since she was twelve.  She currently has an EP, Whiskey and Frosting, out, and since signing with Windup Records, a LP, Water in a Whale, is scheduled to be release on June 25th. Everything I listen to from her is deep and beautiful even to this old rocker. I can’t step out and compare her to anyone, since I don’t spend a lot of time listening to pop music. I will step out and say she has an old soul, to be able to construe such deep lyrics regarding the pain that loss of love can foster. That is rare for an artist of her age. The reports from her live performances are in high regard.

It would be a mistake for me not to mention her philanthropy efforts. Profits from Water in a Whale will be donated to U.G.L.Y., a non-profit anti bullying organization.  It is a problem across the world, and unfortunately even with all the efforts to rid our schools and playgrounds of it,  there is still far to many episodes of children suffering because they are different.  Feeling awkward comes naturally for many, and to have help furthering that awkwardness paints a sad picture of the human race.

The first video “Cameron” is a song about a transgendered child and the issues one could imagine the child would go through.  It is so well done, and I am sure there are people who will have a problem with the nature of the song. Each to their own in a sense, but actions of hate towards others is wrong no matter how one justifies it.  The second video “Pauvre Couer” is gaining a lot of deserved steam from being picked by VEVO. The third video “When the Ship Goes Down” is another beautiful track, but the video is made by Jillette from video off her phone.  Guys the video, alone, is worth watching.

Jillette Johnson official homepage (Free track offer on page)

Jillette Johnson Facebook page

Jillette Johnson iTunes page

Jillette Johnson Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


7 responses to “Jillette Johnson

    • That happens to me with some artists that are overseas. Odd that Canada would be blocked, I haven’t run into any artists being blocked from Canada here. Must be copyright issues or something along that line. I love singers like this as well. She was easy to write about, and her heart is genuinely into it.

      • Sometimes the person who uploads it restricts it. Had no trouble finding another clip. One of the hazards of linking Youtube. I love singers who love singing. Strange comment to make but I really think some go through the motions, especially if they don’t like the material. Pop stars are a good example. It is like they know it is a short ride doing crap they never wanted to do.

      • Not strange at all. No strangeness in truth, and it makes sense. They do seem to have a short shelf life, unless young girls are conditioned to like them (Pop stars.)

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