Ice Age – Underground band of the week 04/26

Photo credit - Lasse Dearman

Photo credit – Lasse Dearman

 Ice Age is the underground band of the week. This four piece punk band comes from Copenhagen, Denmark. I owe my friend Dr. Larry for finding this band. He wanted me to check out a song “Ice Age” by How to Destroy Angels. A band that features Tim Reznor, the front man for NIN. Great track, but while performing that search the band Ice Age showed up in the results. In an instant, I am sucked into a live video that ends with the lead vocalist spitting blood and wiping blood from his face. I think a fan clubbed him in the face with his fist, but maybe the moshing caused the microphone to do the damage. Nevertheless, I was intrigued and had to listen to more of their creations.

This music is dark and desperate. Europe is flush with desperation with people looking for work and little hope of finding it. Their economy has been raped and pillaged by criminal politicians and financiers. At least that was what I got out of a report claiming that Spain has a 28% unemployment rate. Don’t quote me on the causes, but there is a lot of anger, and especially from the young and old since they usually feel the brunt of hard times the most.  The young will be attracted to  music for therapy.  The sounds coming from Ice Age will reinforce the youth with the reality of their anger and darkness.  It is why guys, who are going through loss of love, listen to sad, loss of love songs. It is why women tend to watch soap operas and chick flicks.  We need to reinforce our thoughts with reality and we feed the need to feel that reality through the arts that apply.  From the pain, we heal. Without art, what avenues would we take to feel our way out of pain and desperation? I suppose the morgue business would be booming.  Iggy Pop describes this band as dangerous. That is high praise from a living legend. Ice Age can bring the pain and is a proper punk band to the core.

The first video “Ecstasy” is about pressure. The second video “Morals” is another dark track. The third video “Coalition” is a beautiful piece of punk rock.

Ice Age blog page

Ice Age Facebook page

Ice Age iTunes page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness(something I need to work on) and remember nothing is more important than today. Possum RIP.


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