Parquet Courts

Photo Credit- Parquet Courts

Photo Credit- Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts is the band of the day.  This four piece group is from Brooklyn, New York. My favorite Cleveland band, Cloud Nothings, posted about this group on Facebook awhile back, and that is how I come to know about these creative artists.  The more I listen to this band, the more I love. The use of feedback intrigues my brain. A sound that my brain is conditioned to shun is learning to love this bands feedback use. There is some crazy out of tune stuff going on here, but it sounds incredible.  I can’t stop shaking my head, and it is making it hard to write.  They make this crazy stuff sound great live as well.

The band consists of Andrew Savage (lead vocals, guitar), Austin Brown (guitar), Sean Yeaton (bass), and Andrew’s brother Max Savage (drums).  These guys have been together since late 2010.  This indie post punk band released the LP, Light up Gold,  which they  basically released last summer by themselves, but later was picked up and re-released by What’s Your Rupture record label.  They have an extensive tour schedule planned over the summer. The schedule can be viewed at their blog site. This band is good enough to be the band of the week or even month. The more I do this and the more bands I discover, the harder it is to try to determine who is better or has more potential.  This is another band that will only be limited by themselves or timing. Timing is everything.

 The first video “Stoned and Starving” is a track that reminds me of Lou Reed for some reason. Probably just me.  The second video “Master of My Craft” brings Johnny Cash to mind. Call me crazy, but you would be incorrect, at least for the Cash reference. The third video is a half hour live cut from KEXP and gives us a great look into how well they sound live.

Parquet Courts blog page

Parquet Courts Facebook page

Parquet Courts iTunes page

Parquet Courts BandCamp page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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