Dewey Moore

photo credit-Dewey Moore

photo credit-Dewey Moore

Dewey Moore is the artist of the day.  Dewey is from Langley, Kentucky. He is just a local hard working man who loves to sing and play.  The system, I use to find underground artists didn’t lead me to Dewey. My family (Dirk) that shares the hills with Dewey lead me to him.  I am thankful for that, and not because Dewey is gonna be the next big thing to hit Nashville, but simply his creations touch my heart. Art to me is priceless when it is heart to heart. Great music can come from many places. Places like schools, churches, studios, bars, homes, experiences, but when it comes from the heart, the beauty and passion is where it is greatest.

Many folks outside of the coal mining region will never get an artist like Dewey. They are to busy keeping up with the highways of life. They never seem to get off that road long enough to remember why they got on that highway in the first place. What should mean the most is the family we share blood with. That is where love can’t be stolen or lost. A love that accepts your faults and loves you through misery. A love that glows with you when you are at your best.  There aren’t many highways in Southeastern Kentucky. The roads there bend like circles and travelers are forced to take it easy.  It is a hard place to live and provide, but many never find the will to leave for easier roads of travel. Is it the hills entrapping them? No, I don’t think it is that, although the beauty there is alluring. It is the love of family. A love they won’t leave behind. The love that never dies.

Dewey was a coal miner for 28 years, and suffers from black lung.  Coal miners enter their workplace each time knowing they may not see the light of day again.  One of my uncles was paralyzed in a mine.  I can’t think of a harder place to earn. Coal miners around the world deserve our respect for what they endure.  These songs from Dewey are beautiful to me, and I hope they can touch your heart a little as they have mine.

The first video “End of a Long Hard Day” is an ode to coal miners.  The second video” 7 years old” is a song about wishing our kids would stay seven years old. The third ” Angels can Fly” is a song to his mother.

Dewey Moore Facebook page ( This all I can find. If you want a CD, I suggest messaging Dewey on Facebook)


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