ABC Award


With a little pride and great honor, I accept this award. When one considers the sources of nomination, the value of the award becomes far more than just a simple blogger award.  Cave of Fame and Peace, Love & Great Country Music both nominated this blog for the award.  I thank you both, and you both are an inspiration.

To receive the award, I have to go through the alphabet using a word starting with each letter, than share a bit that would let other bloggers and readers know a bit more about me. The blogger than needs to nominate a few other bloggers. It is a chain award, and I like these much more than chain letters. Win-Win is good for all involved, and I appreciate this award.

AC/DC. I went to a concert in 1986 at Blossom. I remember the girls I went with smuggling liquor between their boozems (I couldn’t resist).   Loudness opened the show and a great time was had by all. Near the exits after the show there were eight or nine people laying about getting medical attention. I heard that some bad acid had been sold at the show, and its victims were in bad shape. I remember pretty vividly one young lady crying for help over and over. I read in the paper the next day, that some biker gang had raped a girl in the woods and left her for dead after the concert. I have no idea or recollection of how that ended up.

Bon Jovi. I camped out at the Richfield Coliseum for tickets with an under cover narcotics cop. At the time, I had suspicions, but it wasn’t till later that I confirmed that he was. Hooked up with some girls and a great time was had by all.

Cinderella opened up for that Bon Jovi show, and was the band I wanted to see. Well, I had camped for the tickets, since every girl in town loved Bon Jovi. My favorite girl was going to go, but got the measles a couple days before the show. I ended up taking a girl, I thought a lot of, but as my history with women shows, another man stole her heart from me.  Every single one has ended that way.

Def Leppard High and Dry cranking on a Saturday night in my best friends Firebird. Good times.  I miss my youth.

Every breath you take.  My favorite love song. I am not a stalker, but did go to an extreme once to confirm infidelity suspicions.

Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl is from Warren, Ohio. I lived there for a couple of years, and met my future ex wife there.

Grog Shop. My favorite hole in the wall to see bands live.

Heaven. My immortal home.

I. I use I way to much in my writing. I have lived on the corner of Self and Center for far to long, and am working to live on the corner of Self and Less.

Jack White. One of my favorite artists. Innovation bringing the past into present.

King X. Band from the late 80’s that I had forgotten all about, til a metal blogger posted on them. My favorite band after the GnR experience, and prior to the Nirvana experience.

Led Zeppelin. As musicians, maybe the  most gifted, instrumentally, individually to be in a band. Bonham was unearthly.

Metallica. The Black tour show in Cleveland was three hours long with no opener. It seemed like it lasted an hour.

Nikki Sixx. I still have his pick from the Girls, Girls, Girls show. I remember having my foot on it, and yelling “It’s mine” like I was going to kill whoever was grabbing at my foot.

One Direction. Boy bands are to music as the Pinto is to cars.

Peter Green. The Green Manalishi.

Queensryche.  Geoff Tate has the best metal voice ever.

Randy Rhoads.  My favorite concert T was with him and Ozzy on the front. The tribute shirt that was pink on black.

Stones. As in Rolling Stones. Probably greatest rock band, when you consider longevity. Great magazine as well.

Thompson, Hunter. The Dr. is easily my favorite scribe of all time.

U2. I feel in love with them when the same friend who introduced me to the Doors introduced me to U2.  I have avoided their newer stuff and I really don’t know why.

Veronica Falls. First thing that popped into my head as I write this. I have wrote most of this at a hockey rink in Strongsville, Ohio. My youngest son is trying out for a team. I think the other parents may think I am a scout of some sort.

Warrant. Worst band ever.

X wife. I am finally looking forward to calling her that. I didn’t arrive here easily. Mind Scientist, Cheers.

Yngwie Malmsteen. I will always be loyal to the fastest six stringer ever.

Zack Wylde. Ozzy guitarist. I hope and pray Ozzy can stay in recovery. His life depends on it.

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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