Under the Olive Trees

photo credit - UTOT

photo credit – UTOT

Under the Olive Trees are the band of the day. This five piece band is from Indianapolis, Indiana. They have been performing since 2009. This band is super odd sounding for a Christian rock band.  The lead vocalist doesn’t sound like he belongs in a boy band. They also don’t sound like any popular hardcore, progressive or death metal bands from the 90’s.  These are honest musicians, who are creating some very cool sounds, but will never make it, since they play Christian music and it doesn’t sound like something that either ten year old girls or boys are programmed to like because of Disney and Nickelodeon.  They just won’t gain the interest of the money brokers, who control the Christian music stations and outlets. Yes, I went there. The Christian music rulers are just as crappy as Clear Channel and the others. Heck, they are probably all in cahoots.

I ask to God bless and inspire more creativity like this from musicians creating to praise You. The faithful youth of this world deserve more genuine creations than what is currently being shoved into their ears from these profiteers.  Also forgive me if I am wrong and know that my heart means well.

The band has Thayne Maguire on lead vocals and acoustic guitar.  Jeff Ellis is on lead guitar. Taylor Bradbury is on bass. Ryan Miller is on guitar and vocals. Shannon Jones is the drummer.

This band just rocks. The number of tracks that are of the usual quality,  I like to share just aren’t out there. I will share what I was able to get.  They are currently trying to get a new album out and have used KickStarter to help funding for it.  I am looking forward to hearing their new stuff when it hits the net.  If you want to hear studio quality tracks, you will have to visit their homepage or the Reverb page. It is worth it.

Under the Olive Trees official homepage

Under the Olive Trees Facebook page

Under the Olive Trees ReVerb page

Under the Olive Trees Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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