St. Spirit-Underground band of the week 4/20

photo credit-St. Spirit

photo credit-St. Spirit

St. Spirit is the underground band of the week. This is yet another group of artists from The Island. They are from London. My research department just notified me that another WordPress blogger beat me to the punch on this band.  That Google search result, on his stats page is from my RD, after I already chose to share this group (only bloggers will understand.)  It is rare to find a band that sounds this great with so few Facebook fans or Tube views. They create such a versatile group of sounds. From one song to another, there can be such a range of diversity, it is extraordinary.  This band seems to have some trouble getting live gigs, and the only thing that make sense to me, is that headliners are afraid of being lit up  by the opening band.  That concern would have merit.

The band is manned up by Myles McCabe, Sam Robson, Ryan Shettle, Joe Reed,  and Josh Taffel. Myles is the lead vocalist and also does the animation on some of their Tube videos. He does a great work with it. The track that sucked me into this bands is “Build A Life.”  Myles vocals are almost like spoken poetry through periods of the song.  I get a Manchester Orchestra vibe in the sense of the lyrical deepness.  These young men take their writing seriously, and their creations deserve so many more ears.  As, I listen to their SoundCloud feed, there is not one mailed in track. Heck, there are even a couple of mixes that sound great, and I am not particularly fond of “mixes.” This is just a great, underground band.  It will be interesting to keep tabs on this band, and see how far they do go. Their potential is pretty high.

The first video “Building A Life” is just a perfect rock track. The second video “The Road at The Rise” is another majestic sounding track.  The third video “New Skin” is a few years old, but is great track, with an interesting video.

St. Spirit official homepage

St. Spirit Facebook page

St. Spirit SoundCloud link

St. Spirit Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your heart with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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