The Staves

photo credit- The Staves

photo credit- The Staves

The Staves are the band of the day. This band is another group from The Island. Watford, England to be exact. This is three sisters creating some simple, yet beautiful harmonious folk rock. Now, they would probably like to slap me for calling it simple, but the great ones make it sound simple. As I listen to a few artists from the folk scene, I am starting to believe that folk is a lot more country than country is.  I am sure others might agree or disagree; I am not trying to make some huge statement of discovery, but I do think there is a bit of truth in what I write. I like to keep the peace, so most of the artists, I share on here, I just go with where they want to fit, or feel they fit. I am more into the sounds, than demarcation lines anyway. If wild honey could sing, these girls would be it’s match.

All three girls share the last names, Staveley-Taylor. I suppose they are not married yet, so at least we got that going for us, guys. Cindi, I joke, for nobody can take your place here. Emily is a vocalist, while Jessica is on guitar and vocals. Camilla is on the ukulele and  vocals. One thing that struck me as unusual, and in a great way, is how this group admits to stealing. There is great honor in this, for everybody does it, but doesn’t come clean about it.  If people didn’t steal from one another, we would still be combing our hair with bones and wiping with leaves.  I consider it a compliment when another blogger uses something that I have written.  Even if they use it as their own, because a couple that I have read are much better writers than I will ever be.  A simple writer, that all can read without difficulty. That is all I aspire to be.

This group is getting a lot of hits on the Tube in short order. Honestly, if I had waited another few weeks, they would of probably crossed the million view mark on “Winter Trees.”  This group is signed with Atlantic Records, so they aren’t underground, but I felt they were unknown enough to share around here. They are certainly good enough.

The first video “Dead, Born and Grown” is my favorite. The sounds and lyrics hit my softies. The second video “Winter Trees” is an animated piece of art. The track embellishes the experience. The third video “The Motherlode” is another jewel of a song.

The Staves official homepage 

The Staves Facebook page

The Staves Twitter feed

The Staves iTunes page 

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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    • Peace, that is why I dig your blog. I really like great country, and that includes what you usually share. I love the Hero video by The Family of the year. A rock band, slowing down to do a country styled song. It may be more of the video content that draws folks in, but pretty cool nonetheless.

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