photo credit-vulfpeck

photo credit-vulfpeck

 Vulfpeck is the band of the day. This group comes from Ann Arbor, Michigan. They are a four piece funk, instrumental band. They have been together since 2011, after meeting during a 19th century literature class. These dudes are/were Michigan students. This band’s creations have overwhelmed my disdain for the state up north. Music can bring down some walls. I still dislike Michigan as a sports rival, but this Michigan band gives my ears goosebumps.  It must be all those Baretta reruns I watched as a kid, cause I do love me some Funk.

Vulfpeck is Joe Dart on bass, and he plays the funk out of it. When Wild Cherry’s most famous song “Play that Funky Music” was playing, Joe was listening and following the orders. Jack Stratton plays drums and keyboards.  Theo Katzman plays drums and guitar. Woody Goss plays the keyboards.  The band has produced two 6 track albums. The first, Mit Peck, was released in 2011. The second and newest, Vollmilch, was released this year.  Some times, innovation comes in the form of history.  Jack White is a master of repackaging old sounds into something fresh.  Vulfpeck isn’t Jack White, but I think Jack would dig this band.

This band is using Kickstarter to fund project/s.  This is an interesting tool, that I see artists using to help get funds. Usually those that donate may end up getting signed copies or something not offered to the general public, when the project is finished.

The first video “Beastly” is a track from the Mit Peck album.  The second video “Synth Party” is just that. The third video” Mean Girls” is from the new album.

Vulfpeck official website

Vulfpeck Facebook page

Vulfpeck iTunes page

Vulfpeck Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness (even towards Michigan,) and remember nothing is more important than today.


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