Chicks Who Love Guns


Chicks Who Love Guns is the band of the day.  This group is from Sydney, Australia. This five piece group has been together since 2009, and create an indie punk, grungy pop sound that is well orchestrated.  The little I learned about this group leads me to believe that they are one fun loving group. They get down, love to party and love to play live.

Cass Navarro  is the vocalist.  Mody Grant  is on guitar. Jack Hambling is on guitar and vocals.  Mitch Farkas is on bass and vocals.  Xavier Diekman -is the drummer.   I hear CTE and Arctic Monkey influences, but I wouldn’t write that it is intentional. Cass just reminds me of Alex Turner on some of his notes.   There is also a touch of funk, that stands out for me. I have a soft spot in my ears for funk.  That is what makes Rock the greatest genre.  There are a hundred words to describe different types of rock, that you won’t find in other genres. I am not knocking the others, because I enjoy them as well, but rock offers a buffet of sounds like no other.  It is like an artist who gets to use the big crayon box to color, while others have to use the box with only eight crayons. Chicks Who Love Guns are using the big box. 

The first video “Leech” is my favorite track. The second video “Moon Eater” has an anti or pro drug message. I am just not sure of which. The third video is a short film on the band, and is well done look into the band and its existence.

Chicks Who Love Guns Facebook page

Chicks Who Love Guns Bandcamp page

Chick Who Love Guns internet shoppe

Chicks Who Love Guns Twitter feed (They need to fix the link on Facebook)

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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