photo credit-Unspoken

photo credit-Unspoken

 Unspoken is the band of the day.  Unspoken is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. They are a four piece band, that creates Christian music that is so reflective of my own experiences. This selection may be a reflection of my own selfishness and it is a character flaw, that I am focused on mending. I have come to a conclusion, that I won’t ever be able to rid myself of it, because every single one of us is burdened with this flaw. The difference is that there is good selfishness and bad selfishness. An example of this, is the Food Bank I worked at today. It was the first time, I had ever done this, and if I am honest about it, it was selfish, because I wanted to feel better about myself and make amends with my past. Sure, my faith and wanting to do what I know Christ would want me do, fueled my working there, but at the heart of it, I needed to give, instead of take.  It was good selfishness and I was truly blessed by the actions of a couple of recipients towards me.  Good selfishness under the guise of selflessness will bring good will and humility. Bad selfishness breeds pride, pain and misery.  I have convinced myself that picking Unspoken as the band of the day is good selfishness.

Chad Mattson is the lead vocalist. Mike Gomez is on Guitar.  Jon Lowery is on bass, plays guitar, keyboard and backs vocals. Ariel Munoz is the drummer. Just like many bands or artists shared here, they have been at it for around seven years.  There is a pretty amazing story about the band and how they came about, and you can read it here.  Their music is a blessing to me, and I am certain that it will be a blessing to others .

The first video “Who You Are” is track that hit home with me, as I try my hardest to change.  This blog would not be here without Him. I would still be full of bad selfishness. He is helping me learn to be full of good selfishness. The second video “Just to Get to Me” is another track that is inspirational and beautiful and is just another selfish post by myself.  The third video “Lost” is another track that perfectly explains my own path to His great love.  I wonder this morning and contemplate is God full of selflessness or since we are from his image, is he full of good selfishness?  I don’t know enough to answer that, and am probably just trying to understand things as they pertain to me and the new paths He is guiding me towards.  I am grateful for his blessings.

Unspoken official homepage

Unspoken Facebook page

Unspoken Twitter feed

Unspoken iTunes page

Have a blessed. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


2 responses to “Unspoken

  1. Checked out the music, not quite a sound that resonates with me. but your story, the personal, and how it relates the music to your own life, is at the crux of the impact right song can have at the right moment, whether it’s opening our eyes to something new, or the way it reflects ourselves back to us with something else added.

    • Nail meet hammer. Great comment and I appreciate it. It is hard to find Christian music, that doesn’t sound like top 40 artists, laced with spiritual lyrics. Sometimes, I just go with my heart, and how the musics effects me. A bit selfish of me, but hopefully good selfishness. Thanks again for your opinion.

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