The Virginmarys-Band of the month 04/13


The Virginmarys are my band of the month, and may be the worlds rock band of the year, if my ears hold up to past vibrations. This jacked up, in your face, three piece ensemble brings it like bleeding bulls stomp and fling stupid bodies, through the streets of Spain.  The Island harbors these bastions of the very soul of Rock and Roll. Their residence being Macclesfield, they might be referred to as Maxionian. I can’t overstate how greatly I am in tune with the sounds these three rock artists produce. Every track form their new album, King of Conflict, has me repeating, Oh my God, Oh my goodness.  Crank it up to eleven and blow your speakers, for these creations will bring the divine spirits, of the rock gods, to your door steps.

The band’s lead singer is Ally Dickaty, who also plays guitar. Matt Rose plays bass and backs vocals, while Danny Dolan strikes the drums and backs vocals as well. This band has been at since 2006, and is far from a batch of fresh artist out of college or high school. These creationist have been finding their way the old fashioned way, through hitting the road and piecing together EP’s here and there.  I can’t praise the recording companies enough, who seen fit to invest in this group,  and permit this band the freedom to make such an album of this caliber.  I hear so many influences in each track, it drives me giddy. A little Clash, A little AC/DC, A little Artic Monkeys, A little Jack White, A little Who, A little Zeppelin, A little of everything that has been Rock n Roll, and they come off sounding modern.  I always say there is very little that separates the good and great in music.  King of Conflict is better than good. You be the judge. I am smacking blue ribbons all over this.  The only things I see stopping their momentum is drugs or a woman, and that woman won’t be a virgin named Mary.

The first two videos are their hottest at collecting eyes and ears. I am going to try and link all the songs from the King of Conflict album.  Maybe you will have better luck at picking a favorite. I am smitten by them all, if you couldn’t tell already.

The Virginmarys official homepage  (Total of 4 free song downloads available)

The Virginmarys Facebook page

The Virginmarys Twitter feed

The Virginmarys iTunes page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


5 responses to “The Virginmarys-Band of the month 04/13

  1. Wow! Band of the month!
    Pretty good stuff. I’ve added them to my amazon cart (the physical cd is cheaper than the mp3), and am going to see if any of the last few days here have anything I want to get too.

    • I have been on this band for ten days and they grew on me. I can’t get enough and the full album offers enough tracks to keep them fresh to me. They give me the same vibe Cloud Nothings gave me. It is rare that I don’t get tired of an album after a few days. This band sticks to my gut like biscuits and gravy.

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