Photo Credit-WhoaMegan!

Photo Credit-WhoaMegan!

Whoabear is the band of the day. This band is from Lynchburg, Virginia. This is a two or three piece band. They were a folk music band, that started playing some hip hopped, dance music after a break, during a live show. Since that show, they have been creating this very unique music. At least to me it is unique and I find it interesting to see a couple of dudes who look like cast members of Duck Dynasty, rapping and jamming the night away. Beau Dodson has done some acting, and worked on the Lincoln movie. From what I can gather, he does Civil War reenactment,  which is pretty cool. They have a battle near my home, during Memorial weekend, and it is worth every penny they charge for admission.  My kids just loved the one we went to. Another cool thing is how they came up with the band name. Beau was at his girlfriends at the time, and she had a dog named Bear. Well Bear, as some dogs like to do, found Beau’s leg somewhat fertile and wanted to create some new ancestry. Beau shouted Whoa Bear! Whoa Bear!

The band consists of two main members, and that is Beau Dodson on vocals and synthesizer. Adam Penkert is the drummer. The third member who contributes is Andrew Dillard, who plays the keyboard.  I was shocked to only see 100 likes on Facebook, and so few views on the tube from this band.  I had to listen to them over and over to make sure that I really did like their creations. I do like them, and as most of you know by now, I am not the largest consumer of Hip Hop. This stuff is clean, and is full of energy. It is somewhat innovative, at least to me, but I don’t spend a lot of time mining the genre.  They should be gaining more ears, but maybe I am missing something here. Time will reveal the answer, as it always does.

The first video ” The Day the Board Game Died” is the track that sucked me in to this band. The second “Rockem’ Up’ is an energy filled, dandy, dance rapper delight.  The third “25 Happy Street” is a live track. Bandcamp tracks are embedded.

Whoabear Official Homepage

Whoabear Facebook page

Whoabear Bandcamp page

Whoabear Reverb page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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