Photo credit: Joshua Koloski

Photo credit: Joshua Koloski

Aranda is the band of the day. Aranda is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is a 4 piece band and the two Aranda brothers have been at it since 2001. Here is another example of how hard it is for very talented artists to gather the ears their creations deserve.  Their newest creations have me thinking of a combination of Nickelback, Shinedown, Lincoln Park, and Black Stone Cherry. I mean that in a good way. Aranda is not a trend setting band, but just creates some awesome hard rocking tracks. Their talent is polished and years of working on their craft comes through plenty loud on their newest LP release, Stop the World, which was produced by Johnny K.

What really attracted me to this band is the acoustic versions of a couple of songs. It lead me to their electric tracks and I enjoyed them, but the emotions come through much stronger through the acoustic versions. I can relate to both of the songs and the pain involved, so maybe that drew me in as well.

The band is lead by brothers Gabe and Damien Arnanda. The band is getting airtime over some rock radio stations across the US.  So this band is not in the usual position that most of my shares are, but these acoustic tracks just seemed to new and good not to post.  Kelly Clarkson has covered their songs on her own album, and that alone says a bit about their ability to write and create.  I don’t know what that says about Kelly.  I best leave that one alone, since I can’t sing a lick or write a piece of music.  I just think most of the viewers here will enjoy the acoustic side of this band, even if they knew all about Aranda before taking a peek in here.  I hear it, I like it, I share it, you decide.

The first video “One Lie” is an acoustic track as is the second video “Satisfied.” Both these tracks are what I call, broken heart songs.  The third and fourth videos are the same tracks, but with electric.

Aranda Official homepage (Free MP3 song download)

Aranda Facebook page

Aranda iTunes page

Aranda Twitter page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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