Alpha Vigilant


Alpha Vigilant is the band of the day. Alpha Vigilant is currently stationed in Nashville, Tennessee. This three piece band comes at us with some hard and heavy blues infused rock and roll.  I am gonna cheat a little here and share their Bio from their homepage.  What it says, is what really drives this page, and what myself and many others are trying to do by promoting these bands/artists that are not following the herd. I admit,  some of my shares aren’t always true to what I am seeking, but sometimes it sounds to good not to share.  The comments and opinions from this band are just to true, not to share.  Link is here.

Alpha Vigilant is truly a D.I.Y. Rock n’ Roll band. They formed at the end of 2011 out of desperation. Both Jim and Dane were submersed in the music industry, Jim with producing/writing electro-pop for various Disney acts, and Dane with touring festivals like Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza with a poppy hip-hop act. Despite all of this first hand experience, doors were not opening for either of them. Eventually, the brothers decided they were tired of the lies and manipulation of this giant corporate machine, and most importantly they were tired of the terrible music force fed down their throats. “I just realized there was nothing out there for me to be inspired by. Pop music today is just the exact same squeaky clean tracks regurgitated over and over again.”, Dane says. Jim says, “I think people need to wise the fuck up, they are being sold snake oil. We don’t believe we can change the shape of the industry, we simply choose to no longer be part of the problem, to ignore the opinions of greedy men, and to be honest to the people that matter most, ourselves and our listeners. The blue pill is always easier to swallow than the red, but I would rather choke on the truth than live off lies.” Their sound is soaked in sweat and polished with mud. They have written, played, recorded, mixed, and produced every ounce of their upcoming debut EP. Rock n’ Roll isn’t dead it’s in the trunk of this industries Bentley with its hands tied and its mouth duct taped. There is no reality T.V. backstory; there is no computer-mouse programmed synthesizers; there are no compromises; there is only sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.


In 2013, Alpha Vigilant will be touring across America with the addition of a new band member, guitar virtuoso Jeremy Bryant.

This band consists of Jim Wes on vocals, and his brother Dane Wes on drums.  Jeremy Bryant just slays it on Guitar.  Guitar enthusiasts take note of this name. This is a band to watch, especially for fans of hard rock. Rock is not dead by any means. It just isn’t laying around on the surface like it used to be. Big money has buried it with what computer analysts tell them what we want.  They should let our ears tell them what we want.

There aren’t any studio sound videos available, so I am going with a couple of live videos and a short video on Jeremy Bryant showing us how nimble his shredding is.  I will also try to post a few studio tracks from Soundcloud.

Alpha Vigilant Official homepage

Alpha Vigilant Facebook page

Alpha Vigilant Soundcloud page

Alpha Vigilant Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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