Bridgecity is the band of the day. Bridgecity is from Portland, Oregon. This is a new worship group, who just released their initial album, Bridgecity. This is a collection of 25 to 30 musicians from the Portland area, who have collaborated on this album. Their passion is to build the church, that the church is the greatest institution ever known to man. It is a place that anyone can come and find help and healing; find purpose, find friends, and  to help the community. Their passion comes through loud and clear to my ears, all the way to my heart and soul.

What this group has done, is very special. To write and orchestrate 14 tracks, and for them all, and I emphasize all, to be of such divine quality, is a tremendous feat, when one considers the number of artists that contributed to the project. My memory thinks of the  “We are the World” (Cindy 2:53 mark) track which took 12 hours to record. There were 29 artists involved in the track and the track was already written for the artists involved. Now imagine those 29 artists having to write and orchestrate 14 tracks for an album. The Bridgecity artist’s passion for Christ and the selflessness that faith provides made this album a reality.  How do I know this, without even talking to the group? I know what Christ has done for my life. He has taken a demon filled man, and has molded me into a better man, and a man at peace with the world around him.  When we allow God to pull our sails, the raging waters become smooth and calm.  It has been said that Love is the strongest thing in the world and  passion is love, and to know God is to know love. The passion that comes from these artists will strengthen your faith and help bring about the peace and comfort we all need. Peace is priceless and only through accepting Christ, have I experienced it. We are forgiven.

I want to thank these artists for creating these wonderful tracks of praise and faith, and God for giving them the needed patience. I also thank Christ for guiding me  to this group and giving me the ability to share these blessed, eartastic, creations of  faith.

The first video “Forgiven” may be the strongest video of faith ever made.  The guilt and shame is gone, praise Him. The second video “It’s all because” is a studio track with live video footage. The third video explains why and how the project came about.

Bridgecity home page (Free track download towards bottom of page)

Bridgecity Facebook page

Bridgecity iTunes page

Bridgecity Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


2 responses to “Bridgecity

  1. That was very eloquent and expressive. It is always difficult to write about walking the path of light without it sounding very canned and contrived so I applaud you for making that happen. I am with you as without a lot of divine grace I would be in tough shape myself.

    • Bless you, my friend, and thank you. I gave Him Sundays. I just let it flow through me. I have friends, who probably think I am crazy for doing what I do in the first place with this blog, I will say that the greatest blessing is listening to all the worship music, that it takes to find a good underground band. I really look forward to mining on Saturday nights. Its just God and I doing our thing together. I appreciate your comments and they are a blessing as well. Oh, and congrats on the other award. It is well deserved.

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