Bats are the band of the day. Bats is an Irish rock band, coming to us from Dublin. This is a five piece band, and they are a progressive, post punk band.  Science is their subject matter and if you don’t care for their music; You should still check out their Facebook page if you have any interest in science. Listening to this band, led me to find a television program, I loved as a child, and I had looked for it before and failed. This morning, I was finally able to find footage and the name of the scientist, Julius Sumner Miller.  Any band that puts science before math is gonna grab my attention. This band stands out to me, and is the first hardcore type band, I’ve shared. Is it the lack of screaming on the turn of every lyric? Do I have a deep hidden love for science? Is it the nostalgia from my favorite metal bands of the 80’s interfering with my senses? It may be all of those reasons, but I think the main reason is they just flat out bring the power and in a clean, crisp fashion.

Bats(not to be confused with The Bats, men check your copyrights) have Rupert Morris, Craig Potterton, and  Conor McIntyre on vocals and guitar. Timmy Moran plays bass and contributes vocals. Noel Anderson is the drummer and also contributes vocals. This group began it’s existence in 2006. Bats released an EP, Cruel Seas Scientist, in 2007 and created their first LP, Red in Tooth and Claw, in 2009, which was produced by Kurt Ballou.  Their newest creation, The Sleep of Reason, was released during the latter part of 2012. It was produced by Chris Common.  These Irish gentlemen are touring The Island this month. Dates and stages are in this link. Now if only they would visit a stage close to the Cuyahoga.

The first video “Wolfwrangler” is the song and video that caught my ears.  The second video “Heat Death” is headbanging paradise.  The third video “Astronomy, Astrology” presents an interesting view of Astrology.

On a personal note, I lost a co worker this past week. Sammy was one of those guys, who could put a smile on your face, no matter how bad things were.  His daughter, Sandra, was playmate of the month for Playboy. When he told me, he was so proud of her, and pulled an issue out of his tool box. It should have felt strange to view those pictures with the girl’s Dad, but not with Sammy.  He was one of a kind.  He ended up getting a bunch of the issues autographed for the guys he worked with. Sammy, it was a great pleasure knowing you, and the many stories you told us, will live on through us.

Bats Bandcamp page

Bats Facebook page

Bats online supply shoppe

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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