Senakah is the band of the day. They come to us from Limerick, Ireland. This group has been creating music for over seven years. Senakah used to be named Seneca, but had to change their name due to a copyright issue.  This isn’t the first band to outgrow house parties, and receive certified letters about the name of the band.  Some success can draw more than just groupies, and bloggers.  Please don’t ask me if any math is involved.  They rock and they are Irish, so they are an Irish rock band, and they don’t sound like U2.

They create a very beautiful sound mixing in gentle solos, hearty riffs, and melodies with the right amount of hooks. Their creations, which I have listened to are more complicated than what initially meets the ear. I have learned to expect that from groups that have been together more than just a few years. It baffles me, how the world remains deaf to this band. Senakah makes my ears smile.

The band consists of  Rob Hope as the vocalist. Brendan O’Gorman is the guitarist. Yvonne Conaty plays bass and the drummer is Daragh O’Loughlin.  They are offering their first album Sweeter than Bourbon on their home page.  I never pick bands to post on because they are giving out free stuff. So when I post about a band that is giving free stuff, it is better than free. It is great and free. Human Relations (second album) has a planned release of May 3rd in Ireland.  The band’s video”Ugly” gained over 200,000 views in a little over a week.  Research Department reports that the song and video are so good, that it just went viral. With up to date info like that, why would you go elsewhere for rising, underground artists.

The first video “Ugly” is the viral one. You be the judge. The second video “Clarity” is from the free album. The third video “Human Relations” is the title track from their upcoming album.  It is a little more peppy than the other two.  I have linked the free offered album from their Bandcamp page. I told you it is better than free.

Senakah official home page

Senakah Facebook page

Senakah Twitter feed

Senakah Bandcamp page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


11 responses to “Senakah

    • Thanks bro, I am looking forward to your Friday post. I am hooked. I am all over the place, but it is what I find, that sounds good to me, and hopefully others. I appreciate your comments, I respect your takes on them.

      • I have did it for years. Probably not long after Youtube came out. My few close friends, that love new music, heard about a lot of great bands, before they got big. I missed a lot too. I dreamed of finding a site like this. Got saved, and He lead me to doing this. Keeps me out of trouble, and I am trying to be creative. I love doing it, even if nobody looked at it, I would still do it.

      • Well, I like the stuff you put up. At some point, there’ll be something that blows me away, like John Phillips posting Caro Emerald.
        Looking forward to it…

      • I like what John does as well. I need to catch up on him. I had to turn off email notifications. It was worse than my twitter feed, almost anyways. I need to cut out some mass bloggers, my reader gets to full of them. Thanks, and I am looking forward to your Friday post. One of the best things on the net, and I would say that, even without your kind words here.

      • I should probably clarify that I went through stretches. There were times, I would search for a few weeks, and then listen to what I found for a few weeks, than repeat. I haven’t gone hardcore mining in a couple of weeks. I am about due for some hardcore mining. Catalog has well over two hundred underground bands/artists, and they all sound very good at one point. I keep listening to them over and over through the selection process and the ones that keep me interested get posted. Once in awhile, I post a fresh one, that grabs me for some reason, and I want to write something related to them. Some of those probably wouldn’t make it out of the catalog, if they had to go thru my process. I also have developed a system that weeds out artists, which saves me tons of time. I stay away from radio music, and used to avoid other bloggers, but there is so much good stuff out there, there is no end to it. Very little separates the great from the good.

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