Buke and Gase-Underground band of the week 04/05

photo credit: Grant Cornett

photo credit: Grant Cornett

Buke and Gase are the underground band of the week. Brooklyn / Hudson, New York is their hometown.  Lou Reed turned me on to this band, and I am thankful.  If I were asked to predict what sound today, will be very popular in five years. I would predict this band’s sound will have influence. This band could be the Pixies or Skin Yard of the late 80’s.  Those that follow this blog, should be well prepared for this band’s creations. Oshwa is a band, that should of prepared you for Buke and Gase.  Buke and Gase will prepare you for Oshwa. Not in the similarity of sounds, but how your brain will react to new sounds. Every brain is different, and maybe my brain is in the company of a select few on the globe that can dig their flow.  Hours and hours spent listening to hundreds of different styles and bands has left the musical portion, of my brain, starving for these new assemblages of sound.

This band’s two members are Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez. They use homemade instruments. Their Wiki page shares a brief description of these instruments. Arone Dyer brings some sweet vocals to their sounds. She is like a cross between Blondie and Blood Red Shoes‘s Laura Mary Carter. Her tone adds to the overall vibe of these sounds. The timing of the drums are very different, but it seems to mesh well with the structure that is orchestrated. Arone and Aron have been playing together since at least 2007.  They have produced two full length albums. The first album, Riposte, was released in 2010 and their newest album, General Dome, was released at the end of January of this year.  If anyone is wondering what genre this band falls under, my initial assessment would lead me towards the dreaded field of angles, lines and numbers. My final assessment leads me to agree with the band, and they belong in the Other genre.

The first video “Hiccup” is the track where Laura Mary Carter (great thing) comes to mind.  The second video “Misshaping Introduction” has more of the power which I love. It is full of amazing new hooks and crannies. The third video “Houdini Crash” will take you further into musical bliss.  Human innovation never ceases to amaze me.

Buke and Gase official home page

Buke and Gase Facebook page

Buke and Gase Bandcamp page

Buke and Gase Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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