Front Porch Step

Photo Credit-Eric Dickey

Photo Credit-Eric Dickey

Front Porch Step is the band of the day. The band consists of one artist, Jake Mcelfresh. He is from Newark, Ohio. This is a fresh find as I just learned of him yesterday.  His ability to turn words into feelings, and his ability to pipe heart felt emotions through his vocal chords are simply extraordinary.

As his lyrics are beautifully engineered; Jake counters with a raw performance, full of pain and desire . The pain from a lost loved one, or the loss of love from a loved one is the most painful thing we as humans have to endure, The emotional pain of rejection can exceed those, and really that is what drives the pain when our love is no longer returned.

This dude can bring deep, old pains to the surface. I am not smart enough to know if that is good or bad, but that is what drives millions to the theater on the weekends.  Maybe we as humans feel the need to feel pain from art, and in a way try to prepare ourselves for when the hammer is dropped on us for real. It is obvious why comedy is so well received by us, but simulated pain is a tougher nut to crack. Is it our need to feel empathy for others and this makes us feel better about ourselves?

The first song, I experienced by this artist, and I empathize experienced, is a song he wrote and performed after his Grandmother had passed away. I knew during the song’s fist few lines, that I was going to post on this artist.  The performance transcends any expectations, we should have of an artist.  We as men, are conditioned to hide our pain, and to even share our grief with strangers is extremely unnatural to us.  That is one of the reasons, I find this artist so rare.  His ability to put those feelings to paper and in the way that he does, is a true blessing and talent.

The first video “I Wont Say that I’m Okay” is a heart ripping track. The second video “Drown” is an angry song, unfortunately, I can relate to. Maybe it is just the Johnny Cash reference. The third video “Private Fears in Public Places” is a love song.

Front Porch Step blog site

Front Porch Step Facebook page

Front Porch Step Twitter feed (I am #500 follower)

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


6 responses to “Front Porch Step

  1. I listened to the clips, and I wonder – Is he any good as a musician, or is the emotion (as a listener) drawn from a blunt use of minors and flats?

    • Your over my head a little there. I know he sucked me in with the lyrics, and you are probably on to something about use of minors and flats, after googling that. It is almost like acoustic emo rock. My kids shunned me from EMO music, so I don’t care to call any musicians that. I think the kid has a future in writing lyrics, if he isn’t talented enough musically. I like what he is doing, but the masses are much more fickle than I. I have recently gone through and going through some stuff he sings about, and he sucks a battered heart in like no other.

      • I’ll look up some more of it, but I can’t tell if he’s getting a real emotional reaction from me, or if it’s the same as the end of a movie where the swelling music and the shot of the dog running toward it’s owner force a reaction.
        (Hope that makes sense.)

      • I get that, but I think the dude is genuine. His lyrics are very interesting and thought provoking. The guy is one heck of an imposter, if it isn’t from some genuine experience, and that is possible. I would suggest that folks who have some issues are gonna love this guy. Folks that have it all together are gonna have a hard time getting it. I thought about it, while driving to work, and I concluded that it is EMO. My brain connected that with how emotional his music is. I hope my kids don’t see this. I will never hear the end of it.

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