Fernando Perdomo


 Fernando Perdomo is the artist of the day. Fernando is currently located in Los Angeles, California. This artist is originally from the Miami, Florida area and moved to Los Angeles last year. He has been a fixture in the Miami music scene for years, and can play various instruments and has been a part of many musical projects over the years.  This is not a new kid on the block, but his newest creations have caught my attention. His wiki page lists most of his experience, for those interested in the amount of time this artist, composer and producer has put into his craft.

Fernando’s most recent creations, are thought provoking and can make you smile even if it hurts.  The composition of the orchestra sections are calming and every effective in supporting the overall theme of these tracks.  The vocals flow as a well fed river, and there is evidence here, that every vocalist doesn’t have to sound like Weaknd or Ryhe. There is something to say about an artist working hard to find that place. It is similar to when an athlete gets into that zone where they can’t fail.  Fortunately for music fans, when an artist finds his/her zone, it can be recorded and enjoyed over and over.  Fernando has found his zone, in my opinion. These creations deserve a listen, and they deserve many more ears.

The first video “Smile” is the track that sucked me in. Watching this video, I found it hard not to crack a smile. The second video “Home” is a very emotional track, and offers a good perspective on the reality of what home really is.  The third video “Fill my sky” is a deep minded love track.

Fernando Perdomo official site

Fernando Perdomo Bandcamp page

Fernando Perdomo Reverbnation page

Fernando Perdomo Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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