Oshwa is the band of the day. They are another band; I have shared from Chicago. A city full of musical innovation. This group exceeds all aspects of innovation. It took me a few listens, for my brain to appreciate what they are creating. It is actually quite beautiful and very well orchestrated. Their sound reminds me of when I first drank beer. Beer was bitter and I was a little confused why anyone would like the taste. It didn’t take all that long for me to acquire a taste for beer. It didn’t take me long to appreciate the sounds Oshwa creates as well.  Their music  like beer can become quite intoxicating.

What kind of music is this? I suppose it may fit into that description that uses even and odd numbers and is used to determine the values and weights of things. I would just call it mind altering, jazzified rock and not look back. I love artists that challenge my senses and this group certainly does that in a full dose. The demarcation line of my listening pleasures has just been cracked.

The band players are Alicia Walter  on lead vocals and guitar. Michael Macdonald is on vocals and guitar. J. Matthew Noonan plays bass, while Jordan Tate is the drummer. On their Facebook page, there is a slew of contributing artists. Oshwa recently signed on with Naked Ally Records, a local Chicago based recording company. They have been laying tracks for a new album, and plan to tour this summer to support it.

The first video “Gar” is where the vocal talent of Alicia Walter shines. The second video “Old Man Skies” is a studio recording.  The third video “running” is another live recording. I am attempting to link their uploads to Bandcamp.

Oshwa official homepage

Oshwa Facebook page

Oshwa Bandcamp page

Oshwa sonicbid page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


2 responses to “Oshwa

    • Trust me, the more you listen to it, the better it gets. This Math stuff is hard for me to get away from, now that I have acquired a taste for it.

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