Kathleen Carnali


Kathlen Carnali is the artist of the day. Kathlen is currently based out of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. I can’t say for sure if she would be considered underground or mainstream in this genre. The genre is Christian, Pop rock. I have just recently gained interest in spiritual or Christian music. My knowledge of the demarcation line, for this genre, is not defined, yet. Her passion for Christ comes through every track. She is putting, her blessings to wonderful use.

I recently told a friend, that I am not the preaching type.  People have to find their own relationship with God, as they each have to find their own way through life. We are all free to do it on our own or do it with faith.  Being blessed with parents of strong faith, I had a foundation of knowledge to fall back on, later in life when God cut me down. The example my father set for me, is golden, as I live going forward. I would not have found the passion of writing and sharing the music I run into, without surrendering to Christ.  Being of clear mind for the first time in my life, and now being able to forgive others for the pain they cause me is priceless.  The largest gift has been the ability to forgive myself, for the pain I cause others.  Faith to me is a prescription for life.  After reading what I wrote, I suppose an apology is an order to my friend, Rem X.

I would like to share a little of the experience of hunting for a Christian/spiritual artist, that wasn’t mainstream.  I started out by doing what I usually do, and I was stumped. I kept running into artists that had millions of views on the Tube or artists that shared my singing ability. My frustration level was very high, as I kept looking and looking. I stopped and prayed for him to please help me find what He wanted shared, for I had surrendered.  I was moved by God last week to give him one day a week of this blog. The sign, He sent was quite clear.  It was not more than ten minutes after surrendering, I was listening to (Fire) the most spiritual song, for me, ever. I had tears in my eyes and my spine tingled with joy.  This track was written for me, and music blessed me, once again. Kathleen Carnali is a warrior for Christ, and her passion for His will, inspires me. Her music will impress you and inspire you, if you have surrendered.  If you’re not with faith, her talent is on par with all of my shares, and deserves a listen, in my not so humble opinion.

The first video “fire” is the track which touched me, personally. The second video “Behold” is perfect for today, Christ’s  Superbowl. The third video “Be Still and Know” is the title track from her newest album which was released in May of last year.

Kathleen Carnali official home page

Kathleen Carnali Facebook page

Kathleen Carnali Twitter feed

Kathleen Carnali iTunes page

Happy Easter, He is risen! Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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