Kingsfoil is my band of the day.  They are based out of Pennsylvania. My Research Department tells me they were unable to locate a town or city, but proudly claimed that they are from the mid state area.  One interesting aspect of this group is the fact their new drummer looks like someone most of us would recognize.  Chad Smith, the drummer, for the Red Hot Chili Peppers comes to mind, and how he resembles Will Ferrel. Kingfoil’s drummer resembles Frankie Muniz, the actor who played the lead character in Malcom in the Middle. There is a good reason for that, since their drummer is actually thee Frankie Muniz.  The band has been at it since 2002, and started out with just two members, but grew into a four member band. This is an indie pop band, which is not in my wheelhouse, but the sounds they make are sure to find many more ears than they currently have entered. When I first listened to their creations, I assumed that they would have at least a few million views on one of their Tube videos. The most viewed, that I could find was over a hundred grand, so they fit my underground status, despite sounding big time. I just caught myself weaving my head to their song “Give it up now” so maybe I should be more receptive to this genre. Thank goodness, there was nobody here to witness me grooving. Maybe it is my love for Cindi coming out of me.

This group consists of Jordan Davis is the lead vocalist and plays guitar. Tristan Martin plays Guitar and the Keyboard while assisting with vocals.  Tim Warren plays bass and vocals while Frankie Muniz  is the drummer. This is another example of a band staying persistent and chasing their dreams. Ten years is long time for these artists to be grinding it out, trying to create the sounds that will gain them the ears, that in their hearts, they know their creations deserve.  I think they are on the verge of blowing up, but timing seems to be everything. I want to establish, that I put this band in my catalog, before my RD informed their drummer was Frankie Muniz. That is a credit, in my not so humble opinion, to the other three members and their former drummer, Joe Cipollni.  Their stuff is top shelf (Johnny Walker Black.)

I want to start giving updates on some of artist and bands, which I have posted about. I am learning, as I do this, that they are kind of like children to me. The ones that are really underground, are like babies and the ones closer up to the ground are like teenagers. It feels good to see them gain more ears as they go along in their art.  Not that I have any thing to do with it, cause I don’t, but  the time I spend looking and writing gives me a little investment, I suppose, on my end.

Two bands that were named underground bands of the week  are on the leaked Lollapalooza poster.  Reignwolf and Little Green Cars are on the poster.  Moya is scheduled to warm the crowds up for Rod Stewart during his summer tour. I also ran into a Hip Hop artist from Cleveland, who will be my first post from that genre. I wanted to post about him today, but considering the nature of his art, this weekend would of been in poor taste, for me to share him.  He is NSFW, or safe for the easily offended.

The first video”American Veins” is my favorite track from Kingsfoil so far. The second video “Quick Fix” has a little more power. The third video “Give it Up Now” is the track, I was weaving my head from.

Kingsfoil official homepage.

Kingsfoil store page

Kingsfoil Facebook page

Kingsfoil Twitter feed

Have a blessed day, and Happy Easter! Remember to fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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