Automagik-Underground Band of the week 03/29


Automagik is my band of the week. The are from the southern part of my own state here in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was 1983, we lived in Batavia, which is in the next county over from Cinci. I had a terrible time adjusting to the school there. The first day there, I wore my usual attire, which was a Levi jacket over a black tee, Levis jeans, and white basketball shoes. There was like three dudes in the whole school, that shared my taste in fashion.  They were all in a band together. The place was penny loafer, collared shirt hell. I survived that year, my bad rep did have a few perks; a preachers daughter being one, but I was the happiest young dude when we moved back home. Cincinnati is a great city, and Ohio should be proud to harbor her, despite my experience in a neighboring suburb.  Sam Wyche it is 2013 and you still suck.

This band is a power pop rock band. The night, I ran into this band, I was yelling “Booya.” I hate using the word find, there is always someone else who finds them first. No matter how deep I go to find artists, there is always someone local, who notices what I run into.

Their song,”Teleportation Blues” sucked me in like CTE did with “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.” The song is bluesy, funky with plenty of power. Zachary Evan’s vocals are to my ear cells like freshly churned butter is to my taste buds. They are just so sweet and smooth. If Vince Neil and Robert Plant had a test tube baby with Lita Ford, Zachary might have been result. The great ones make it sound so easy.

The band is made up with Zachary Evans on vocals and guitar. Devin Williams is on lead guitar. Dylan Oseas  is the bass man, while Teddy Aitkins is their drummer. Research Department tells me that they have been together since at least 2010.  They just released their debut album, Black Sundae, which I am told was recorded at The Backroom Studios,was released in January of this year.  It is not the most complicated sound I have ever heard, but it is full of funky guitar licks, and rocks with plenty of power, for those that love power chords. I have tried to pick a couple of favorites, but I love every track.  I highly recommend going to the Black Sundae link and getting a taste of these delicious sounds.

The first video “Teleportation Blues” is the song that hooked me. The second video” I’m only 21″ is the first track from their debut album. The third video “Waterslide” is a live video. This video is a little rough on sound, but provides a good look at their stage presence and charisma. Zachary’s voice is on display. The young man is truly blessed.

Automagik Facebook page

Automagik Black Sundae page

Automagik iTunes page

Automagik Reverbnation page

Automagik Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.  Cincinnati, I love you. Almost as much as Cyndi Lauper. To that preacher in Batavia, I offer my sincerest apology.


2 responses to “Automagik-Underground Band of the week 03/29

  1. I have nominated you for an “Awesome Blog Content (ABC)” Award because of your passion for music. The link to the award post is here:
    I look forward to reading what you do with this but I understand that there is a bit of work involved -so I will not be offended in any way if you choose not to play along. I will keep the link to your site on my blog because of the great work you are doing.
    And keep up the great work!

    • Thanks bro, that is cool as heck. I will check it out and see if it is feasible. I spend to much time doing this as it is, but I love what I am doing, and it has been a blessing for me. Thanks again, Kindred Spirit.

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