Reptar is my band of the day. They come from Athens, Georgia.  They are a Disco Dust band. I remember what Disco Dust was back in the 70’s, but I think the only person putting it on cookies was Tony Montana.  This group’s name comes from the Rugrats character of the same name.  They create music which makes me feel better. It was garbage day, and when I got home, there are two full cans of garbage. I look at my neighbors and they all got empty cans rolling around with the wind. I wanted to load up the garbage and go dump it on the front yard of  my garbage company.  I ended up stewing for a bit, and figured I had better get started on today’s post.  After going through a few bands, I noticed how much of a better mood this music put me in.  I was listening to Reptar.  This music is dance music, according to my RD, but to me, who can’t dance a lick, this music will get rid of those angry, stomach knots.  Who needs Valium when mood therapy like Reptar is available?

The band consists of Graham Ulicny who is on vocals and guitar. William Kennedy is on the keyboard, Ryan Engelberger is on bass, Poof Daunghty is on the keyboard and Andrew McFarland is the drummer. They have been together since 2008, and have built up a following due to their live shows. I haven’t been to one, and would probably look a little out of place at one of their shows, but I would be willing to deal with it, to see them perform live . Just don’t make me dance. Reptar released their initial album “Body Faucets” through Vagrant Records in May of last year.

The first video “Rainbounce” is the song that cured my madness.  The second is a live studio video “Water Runs,” and is my favorite track of theirs. The third video is “Blast Off.”

Reptar Official Homepage

Reptar Facebook page

Repatar Twitter feed

Reptar iTunes

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today, even when your garbage men let you down.


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