Triple Dose Tuesday 03/26


MUTEMATH is a dose of fresh melodic, energy infused Rock.  This group is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. This group is well beyond ground level, and even though I love their creations, I had to disqualify them from a normal post. They have become to popular, for the underground.  This is one of those bands, that when I ran into them, I was upset, that they had become so popular, but I was just late in finding them. We all should be happy that a band can be creative, make great sounds, and start down a path towards greater prominence in the industry. That is the hope, I have for all the bands, I share on here, for all of them deserve to be listened to. Well, at least, in my not so humble opinion. I am sure MUTEMATH would want me to point that they are not an overnight success. The band started in 2003, and that is a long time to be on the road and the studio.  The art will find its audience, if it’s good enough. MUTEMATH is good enough.

MUTEMATH is a four member group, with Paul Meany  on vocals and the keyboards.  Roy Mitchell-Cardenas  plays bass and the guitar, Todd Gummerman plays guitar, and Darren King is the drummer.

MUTEMATH Official homepage

MUTEMATH Facebook page


 Photo credit Aloysius Lim

Photo credit Aloysius Lim

Russian Circles comes to us from the Windy City, and share their current location with Seattle.  This band just rocks me to the core.  They are like Mastadon, regarding, they are mostly instrumental.  That is where the comparison should end.  Russian Circles has been at it since 2004. The current lineup has been together since 2007.  Over the years they have opened for Tool and Coheed and Cambria. I love the live video”Harper Lewis,” and it is the first share of this group.

Russian Circles consists of three artists with  Dave Turncrantz on guitar, Mike Sullivan on drums, and  Brian Cook on the bass.

Russian Circles Official homepage

Russian Circles Facebook page

Russian Circles Twitter feed


I saved the best for last. Gregory Page is currently located in southern California. He was born, in London, on the Island. How could I get through a Triple Dose Tuesday without being grazed by The Island? This artist was born to two musicians, and has seemingly been involved with music almost his entire life. He played bass for The Rugburns. I can’t praise this artist enough. He should be a British- American Icon, for what he creates.  He is a timeless capsule of musical historical sounds, just walking around.  It is criminal, that the music industry over looks this kind of talent.  There just isn’t enough instant gratification there for them.  Well, Mr. Gregory Page will give you instant gratification if you allow him.

Gregory Page Official Homepage

Gregory Page Facebook page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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