The Winter Sounds

The Winter Sounds is my band of the day.  They are from dual locations, those being New Orleans, Louisiana, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I suppose they may also be from Nashville now.  The violin isn’t just for country anymore, and this group makes the violin a prominent part of their tracks.  They aren’t an acoustic rock band either, but a smooth rock band.  I noticed on their older tracks that they were a bit more powerful, than their new material. This band has matured into something special in my opinion. While I usually prefer more power and grit; this band is on to something with their inclusion of the violin, with their overall tempo.

The band has Patrick Keenan is the lead vocalist and is on keyboards. Patrick is the man who put the current line up together. He went to Nashville and re-manned band with artists from that area, from what my RD tells me.  Geography would be an easy course for Patrick, if he were to go back to school.  Patrick performed over 500 shows during the last five years.  Renee Izzi is on the violin and backing vocals. Paul McKenna is on guitar, while Ellen Angelico is on bass and backing vocals, and Joe Reilly is the drummer.

Their new music sounds as if there are many different influences. I spent an hour looking for an 80’s singer that I thought Patrick reminded me of. I failed at making a connection.  Midnight Oil? Tears for Fears? Human League?  I went through two 80’s hits videos on the Tube trying to make the connection.  I really enjoy how this band mixes all the ingredients seemingly from the past three decades and it comes out fresh and very palatable to my ears.  Their latest album “Runner” is a car driving album.  I do believe, that all the hard work has paid off for Keenan, at least in how the band sounds now, compared to the past. It is a shame, that more people don’t get to enjoy these sounds, that they create.

The first video “The Sun Also Rises” is a fine choice for their first video from their new album.  The last two videos are studio live cuts.

The Winter Sounds Home page

The Winter Sounds Facebook page

The Winter Sounds Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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