Tradjaig, my band of the day is from Tokyo, Japan. It is Sunday, so the mellow, spiritual lean is in effect with this share. I have to admit, knowing they were from Japan, when I first listened to this band; I didn’t hear what I was expecting to hear. Fluent English and a top rate flutist were not on my mind. I was pleasantly surprised at the sounds coming from my machine. Jethro Tull was the first thing to come to mind, since they may have been the last band to use a flute, which I had listened to. The flutist had me feeling like a snake being charmed by an Indian snake charmer. I sat here wondering how nice it must be to be her husband.  To be able to come home and kick back, while she is practicing, would be the life.  I started to look for a ring on her finger, and then reality hit. How, on my income, could I commute to Tokyo from Ohio? Then the song ended, and my daughter asked me to look at a comic she had drawn.  The flute is dangerous, but what a beautiful, calming sound it can produce in the right hands.

The Master of Ceremonies is Ken Suetsune who is the lead vocalist, and plays the bass, guitar, and mandolin. Ken, a couple times reminds me of Sting, but most of the time he sounds like Ken. Hiromi Yamada is the flutist, Sonmi Lee  plays the piano and assists on vocals.  Kazuhiro Matsuzaka is the percussionist and assists on vocals as well. With this band, everything fits nicely.  It is unique to me, and it sounds as if it came from a nation of English language speakers. I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be for them to develop a regional following due to language barriers, but I suppose with Japan’s high level of education, that many there speak English as a second language.  The album that the videos are drawn from is “Four Hearts.”  There is a side project called “Seven Seasons” which is self described as Gospel music. The vocals are performed by the beautiful Takako Kobayashi. She has a silky voice and flawless English as well. Hiromi Yamada also performs her magic as the flutist on this album too.  She is a lead flutist or is it flautist. I prefer flutist, and I hope Hiromi does also. I still can’t find any rings.  In January, they started working on Tradjaig’s second album. I am looking forward to more of their interesting creations.

I won’t get into details, but I can’t take credit for picking this band. I gotta give it to the big Guy on this one, but I heartily approve.

Tradjaig Home page

Tradjaig Facebook page

Tradjaig free download

 Side Project “Seven Seasons” free download


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