Albion, my band of the day, dwell on the Island. They hail from Ipswich, England. This band creates Proper Punk. They can call it Math Punk, Hardcore Punk, Alt-Punk or whatever musical, genre placers want to place them. It is Proper Punk here, and to anyone who knows what is at the heart of Punk, be it the sound, the anger, anarchy or the lyrics. They are angry with “The Man” and I can not only hear their anger, but I can feel it.  Music can create so many emotions and feelings, I suppose that is something, I am always on the hunt for. By doing this, I am not locked in to a single genre, that can be used to divide musicians and fans. Open your mind to new outlets and inlets of feelings and views of our world and lives through music. If we could all do this, I believe the world would be a much more understanding and forgiving place to inhabit. I am trying to expand into Hip Hop, and follow my own advice and hopefully my system will work with the sounds and messages coming from the underground there.

The band members are Jake Osborn on Lead guitar and vocals. Simon Ward is on guitar, while Simon Greenmoore is on bass and, Mark Greenmoore is the drummer.  This band has only been together for a year or so, by what my RD informs me of.  As, I listen to all they have available, I can hear many of their listed influences, but it is hard to pinpoint one or two bands dominating the influence.  I just can’t see old and young punksters not enjoying this.  Punksters have always argued and debated about bands being truly punk or not. I see this as one band, everyone should agree on and just enjoy what these fellas are creating.  It is full of anarchy and that my friends is Proper Punk.

They also are offering some free music at Albion’s Gimmesound site. One of the best things about finding these great sounding bands underground is the free offers, they offer to get their sound out there.  I personally thank them for this, and hope many readers take advantage of their offer.  It is a smart way to get off the ground in this day and age, and creates loyalty among the folks who become fans of the group. Let the moshing begin.

I struggled picking videos to share, cause I love them all. I ended up with posting “Walls of Babylon,” “Cradle to the Grave,” and “This is England.” The language is not safe for work.

Albion Reverbnation page

Albion Twitter feed

Albion Facebook page

Albion Free music page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


3 responses to “Albion

  1. Yeh Hi, My name is Remo Fiore Commonly known as Rem X and TheRockBox Tv. I live and work in Italy, where I moved to in 1991 I am of Italian origin but born and lived in the UK for the 1st 33 years of my life.
    I picked up on these guys about 2 months ago on youtube and instantly fell in with their sound and Grit. I’m doing my best to promote them via various channels I’m creating. I’m a working musician, composer, writer, producer and Vocal Coach. My heart is with the young talent of today who have practically no chance in the dog eat dog music business that has been created over the last few decades. So i’ve decided in my own small way to help promote and plug new unknown talent from across the world. It’s so true never like now has inter global communication been so easy, it’s also true however that few people use it to its full potential.
    You’re doing a great job, and if you don’t mind I’d like to send some other artists you may be interested in talking about here on your blog, as well as promoting your blog on my Radio podcasts which go on line in april and on my Net tv casts also hopefully on line for the end of april.
    I’d love to collaborate with you in some kind of way, if you’re interested please dont hesitate to write me at
    In the meantime if you wana take a look at what I’m up to
    Please check out
    These are the places where I work the most, consider I’ve only been working on the project for 2 months or so but my following is growing on a weekly basis.
    Thanks for your time and for putting good music where it belongs.
    Rem X

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