Seven Dials-Underground band of the week 03/22


Seven Dials is my band of the week, and they hail from Seattle, Washington. This band is family. They are two brothers and a sister. The youngest is two days younger than my own daughter, who is nine years old.  They are an avant-alt rock band. They are not from the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon.  They are doing it the old fashioned way, and that is by honing their craft in front of small crowds and creating new sounds in the attic of the house. Their father’s suggestion of replacing the violin and the sax with a guitar and a bass may end up being one suggestion that a lot of ears will appreciate, in time.

My regular readers are gonna love this. The Dad is from the Island, and the Mom is from the States.  The three artists are all self taught which further signifies their level of ability. Mia Natas is the lead vocalist and plays the  guitar. Darius Natas plays the  bass and backs vocals, and Damien Natas is the drummer and also plays the piano.  I am gonna be humble, and link their Reverbnation  page, and ask you to read their bio. It is one of the most thorough and well written biographies I have ever read on a band.  If you dig their creations, than you will want to know more and that more is there.

As I listen to the small samples of their music, I can hear the Island’s influence, and that is a great thing round here.  Here is another band that is showing the bass the love it deserves and it pays off.  I know, I have been on a roll with the bass in my shares, but when you are in the zone, you gotta ride it out.  It would be a mistake of mine, not to single out Mia’s vocals. She has heavenly pipes, and I would think she has more room to grow into a wider range, with time and experience.  She has only been singing for a few years, but any fool can hear the beauty and talent she possesses in her vocals.  I am not gonna write that this band is the most complex, or most polished as individuals, but there is something that can outshine more polished individuals. That thing is chemistry and love for one another. I have seen it countless times in sports, where less talented teams win because of chemistry.  This band has a connection that no other group can simulate.

The first video “Darius in the abyss” is also a free download at their Reverbnation page. The second video “Redemption” is an instrumental piece, performed live on Mia’s 15th birthday.  The third video “iFLY” is another live performance. The lyrics to that song are in the Tube description of the video.

Seven Dials Home page

Seven Dials Reverb page

Have a blessed day.  Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


2 responses to “Seven Dials-Underground band of the week 03/22

    • I love Joy Formidable, and I hear the influence in them. I think their potential is great, since they are so young, and self taught to this point. In a couple of years, if they stick with it, that sound will be something fresh and not as repetitive. The sound is simple, but it is unique. I love the fact, they are rocking, when they could be trying to be more of a pop band.

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