Sidewalk Chalk


Sidewalk Chalk, my band of the day, is from Chicago, Illinois.  This is the second time, we have visited Chicago this week. This is a very innovative group, who is a Hip Hop group, but incorporates Soul and Jazz into the mix. They even have a tap dancer.  The resulting creations are brain tickling.  These artists are the recent recipients of the Chicago Music Awards, most outstanding group of 2012.  The RD didn’t find that out, until after I wanted to post about them.  That wasn’t how I found them, but it is solid evidence, that this group is one of the regional favorites among its music critics. It is very easy to hear why.

Sidewalk Chalk is an eight piece band. Rico Sisney is the Master of Ceremonies and is a jack of all trades for the band. Maggie Vagle is the lady vocalist. Charlie Coffeen  is on the keyboard.  Garrett McGinn is on the bass. Jumaane Taylor is the tap dancer. Sam Trump is on the trumpet. David Ben-Porat is on the trombone. Tyler Berg is the drummer.   I can’t really get into comparisons, because I just haven’t listened to enough Hip Hop or Jazz to relate their stuff to other artists.  My ears tell me that this is very good. I love the fact, that the lyrics hold thought provoking value, and are not laced with words, that would of earned a soap sandwich from our mothers. I have no idea, on how big this sound could get, but I am very glad to have run into them.

The first video “Birds of a Feather” is my favorite, but I like everything, I heard. The second video “Water Song” is their most viewed on the Tube. The third video “Movement of the Mind” is three years old, but shows the sound was alive, even back then.

Sidewalk Chalk official site

Sidewalk Chalk Facebook page

Sidewalk Chalk Itunes page for Corner Store album

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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