You Won’t


You Won’t is my band of the day. They are from Cambridge Massachusetts. They are a folk rock band, which will power it up some.  I found it interesting, that the name of the group comes from when they were in high school. Some of the other kids would apparently bait them into doing things by telling them “You Won’t.”  A very original name, and if this band gets big, I wonder how those other dudes will feel about the name.  It reminds me of the Iranian born comedian Maz Jobrani who grew up in San Francisco, He was picked on horribly by other kids, when the hostage stuff went down in the late 70’s. Well, he remembered one of the kid’s name, and would always mention him in his stand up, asking for anyone who knew Jeff Ross, to call him and give him hell for all the things he said to him as a kid. It turned out that the guy, Jeff Ross, produces the Conan show.  At the time of the interview, Maz had not been invited to perform on the Conan show.

This band mainly consists of two people.  Josh Arnoudse  plays guitar and is the lead vocalist.  The other member is Raky Sastri, who is the drummer, and will use anything to make desired sounds as a percussionist.  Josh’s vocals are what really tickled my ear.  I thought of Buddy Holly. I went and listened to Buddy Holly. I have no idea, why I thought Buddy Holly.  I even went and listen to Don McLean’s “American Pie,” to see if there was some Freudian connection. It is safe to say Josh doesn’t  sound like Buddy Holly or Don McLean, but maybe he sounds like James Dean.  What I do know is his voice is what separates this group from being ordinary.  I know, some may knock the nasal thing, but I like it with this artist. It works with his voice.  The music they make doesn’t overshadow his voice, and allows it to stand out.  The melodies with Raky are top shelf, and are consistent with what so many popular bands are creating, today.  This band, did play at SXSW, and did get some love, and have been getting love from some regional music critics. I  love the way Josh challenges his voice, and combined with Raky, they make great sounds together.

The first video “Television” is a live cut, and is my favorite song, from this group. The second video “Three Car Garage” is a little more powered, and the power is just right. The third video “Who Knew” reminds me of Duck Dynasty, at the start for some reason. I am not checking, to see why, for it is too late, and I tire of being wrong today.

You Won’t official website

You Won’t Facebook page

You Won’t Bandcamp page

You Won’t Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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