The Cast of Cheers


The Cast of Cheers is my band of the day. They are from Dublin, Ireland.  This is the band, that I have to credit for me finding Rhye.  They are considered to be an Indie, Math rock band. I have never understood the Math description of bands, so I will go with the bands self description, Robot Rock. Math is fine for work, cooking and mixing drinks, but it has no business being in my listening pleasures. Whoever came up with the description of Math Rock, should be pulled apart by horses.  On one hand, when I listen to this band, I get a feeling of familiarity, but on the other hand, it is so different, but the familiarity sucks me in, long enough to build a crush on the whole package. We are so blessed to have so many great artists out there, and this band is another group, that is crossing sound barriers.

The band consists of Conor Adams (Neil’s brother) as the lead vocalist and guitar, Neil Adams (Conor’s brother) on vocals and guitar, John Higgins on the bass and vocals, while Kevin Curran is the drummer.  They have been together since 2009, and their first album “Chariot” was given away on their bandcamp page, and had over 150,000 downloads, according to Wiki.  It isn’t free anymore, but I wished it was. It is a great album. Their newest release “Family” was released in July of last year.  This band may not be for everyone, but everyone should give it a good listen. I am hoping to find some other bands that sound this different, yet this good. The band is currently unsigned.

The first video”Family” is a song, that is full of bass and I love how the whole thing flows with Conor’s vocals. The second video”Goose” is from their debut album. This song is my favorite after listening to material from both albums.  The third video”Animals” is a little more traditional in the sense of Indie Rock.

The Cast of Cheers official website

The Cast of Cheers Facebook page

The Cast of Cheers Twitter feed

The Cast of Cheers Itunes page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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    • It worked here. I kept thinking of an 80’s vocalist, but couldn’t place it. That was probably who I was trying to place. I will listen to Gabriel and see if that is who it was. I lost a few brain cells over the years, that were salvageable, if not for poor behavior.

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