Fletcher, my band of the day, is from Chicago, Illinois. Wait a minute, though. GO HERE NOW, RIGHT CLICK, OPEN NEW TAP, TURN IT UP TO ELEVEN. Stop reading and DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I know, all of your problems will soon be suspended, I can smile with you, and know, no matter how crappy, I write, you won’t even notice.  This band can make turds smell good.

The Island has its hands all over this group. I just can’t get away from her.  If that is what it takes to get this kind of music over here, than let me be the first, with hammer in hand, to help build a new Mayflower.  Of the three members in the band, two are from The Island. They have been together less than a year.  This is another group, who does a great job using the bass in their creations.  I have a long list of two manned bands, and they all sound great, but the lack of bass, has kept them from being posted here.  The bass needs more love, and Fletcher brings the prettiest, of roses to this dance.  I can hear the British sound with these guys, but I can’t really single it out.  That dang Island delivers again, but we(USA) got a piece in play and maybe that is why this is so fresh, and original sounding. I read their bio, and see bands like Artic Monkeys, The Strokes, and Radiohead among others listed as their favorites, but I can’t single out sounds to make an obvious connection.  Innovation is present, and this is an example of it at its best.  We may be listening for Fletcher’s sound, in new bands, a few years from now.

Oscar Baker (UK) is the lead vocalist and plays guitar.  Oscar’s brother, Harvey (UK) plays bass.  Tom Fry (USA,yeah) is the drummer. I will add, that these young men are donating half of the proceeds from sales on their website towards Oxfarm America.  This is on par with the charity work of another artist, I have posted about, and it warms my heart to see this generosity towards such an important cause. There is not much more to add. The music speaks for itself.  If rock is going to make a comeback in the States, this may be our best opportunity, in some while. Fletcher, my hopes are riding on you.  May you be the cure for Hip Hopitis, and may the power be with you.

All three videos posted, are from the Tube account of Fetcher. There are  only five videos posted on the Tube, that I could find. If you listened to me earlier, and listened to the stream on Soundcloud, you will be well prepared to watch the live cut of these tracks.  If you watched the videos first, go back and listen to the studio cuts. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

Fletcher official website

Fletcher Facebook page

Fletcher Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


5 responses to “Fletcher

    • I got hooked on them. When they come to Cleveland, Oscar invited me to meet him at one of their shows, so I am hoping they make it here. They are getting great press, regionally. I hear Artic Monkeys in parts, but not enough to holler about. I even thought of U2 for some reason at one point, but I have listened to their tracks a lot. .

    • Thanks for giving your opinion on some of the artists. I have my kids and the wife check them out sometimes, but they aren’t music addicts. I appreciate, you taking the time. I know you love music too, but just letting you know, it’s valuable to hear another opinion.

      • I like that you point out a ton of music I’ve never heard of. Sadly, I can’t always play it at work, so the weekend is when I can catch up.

      • It would be hard to enjoy music, without an income to depend on. Hey, I was gonna make up some cupcake filling, but all I could come up with was lame. I will try again next week, and hopefully won’t get lame block.

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