Bassett (Review)


Allow me to say up front, that this is the first time; I have received a request to review or check out an artist/band. I am so use to looking for unknown or rising artists, and am very comfortable with the system I use, and trust my ear, when deciding which ones to post. I was a little uncomfortable doing this, but I think the fear of the unknown, and possibly insulting the artists themselves, made me a little apprehensive starting out this new challenge for me.  I couldn’t do this, if I wasn’t going to be honest with the request, and even just as important, honest with myself.  I also have to accept that I could end up being completely wrong in my assessment.  In the end, I appreciate the challenge and opportunity to do something; I have never done before, and welcome constructive criticism from the peanut gallery.

I was able to check out the new album “Vanishing”, from Bassett on their official website.  The first thing that came to my attention was the fact, that the lyrics, to the songs were shared, when sampling the songs from the playlist. I was very impressed with the complexity of the lyrics and the deepness of them. As I went through the playlist, the song “Rise” hit home with me. Music can affect us in so many ways, and it can be good or bad depending on how we relate to certain tracks.

The band is fronted by Josh Bassett, who the band is named after. He is the lead vocalist, plays guitar and writes the lyrics. Zachary Zumsteg plays guitar as well and helps write the songs. Satoshi plays the bass and Yutaka is the drummer.

As I continued my review, I tried to use the same method that I use to select a band for post, out of my catalog. I tried to listen for something, I haven’t heard before, and tried to place sounds with what I have heard before. I tend to lean toward bands, which offer something that is innovative to me.  I wanted to hear innovation, but I didn’t, but that does not mean these creations don’t deserve to be listened to. I am reminded of Walking Papers, who just create dang good music, without trying to create the next big sound.  There is Seattle influence, and I hear a hint of Layne Staley in some of the more grunge sounding cuts from the track. The music is flawless, and the talent is high. I couldn’t really criticize anything about the music, except that I felt, I had heard the songs before. I listen to a ton of different music, and this happens to me quite a bit with many great sounding artists.

I do feel there is a market for this band. If I had control over the marketing resources, I would focus on the ears of women, aged 35-55 years of age. These tracks are very spiritual, and certainly rock enough to give that demographic their power fix, without offending children’s ears.  Women, in general are drawn to strong lyrics, while men tend to be drawn more the sounds.  I, once read a book written by a very successful, stock investor, and I remember him writing about watching what the women of his life bought and used that, to help determine where to invest.  I knew my wife would like Bassett, and asked her to give their stuff a listen. She liked what she heard. That is the smallest sample size possible, but I am confident that this band would do fine opening up for Nickelback or even Bon Jovi. The crowds for those bands would be full of the suggested demographic.  That’s a demographic, that I wouldn’t mind be surrounded by, so maybe I have more in common with Bassett than I originally thought.

The first video “Bring Me Back Down”  is a top shelf  production(Ladies almost as hot as Cyndi).  The second video is a sample feed from the bands Tube site. The third is a cool video of Josh playing along with a Soundgarden track.

Josh Bassett official website

Josh Bassett “Vanishing” album site

Josh Bassett Facebook page

Josh Bassett Twitter feed


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