Ryhe, today’s band of the day is a perfect choice, on the day, most of us, use as a day of rest. I tend to gravitate towards smoother artists on Sunday, and I theorize that after listening to my favorite musicians at church, that my usual power need comes in a softer form, than the rest of the week.  This group is fast approaching the ground line, I use for determining if a group is Underground or Mainstream.  The track “Open” they released in a video on the Tube is approaching 800,000 views, and it was published on February 4, 2013.  They are on a flight to Mars and are approaching our atmosphere, very quickly.  The group also was picked by editor/s at Itunes as new band of the month or something like that.  I suppose, the ears paid to mine for the best,  can get things right too.  My hat is off to them, at least this time.

They are currently based in Los Angeles, California, and consist of two members. I have to be straight up here, and tell you, when I first watched “The Fall” video, I assumed that the lead singer was the beautiful lady in the video.  I gave the name of the group to my RD, and they went to work. Well, RD led me to believe that the two members are men, and that there is no evidence of a lady ever being a part of this group. I was floored, at the failure of my ears to distinguish the gender of the lead vocalist.  The only evidence, of the names of these two men come from Wiki, which I always use cautiously.  My RD, told me to run with it. Mike Milosh was born in Toronto, Canada. He was trained on the Cello at a young age, and got heavily into Jazz. He spent some time in Berlin and ended up signing with Plug Research, and released two albums under the name, Milosh, between 2004 and 2006. Robin Hannibal is the other member.  Robin, was half of the duo, that made up the, Danish, band, Quadron.  My RD failed to find where Robin comes from, so I won’t even assume where that is.  This tunes from this group, make me feel good. I won’t try to explain it, some tunes just do that for me. When doctors say music can be good therapy for people, I think Ryhe  could fill one of the prescriptions, at least for me.

The first video “The Fall” is the first song, I heard from this group. I found this group while assisting my RD on a band, for a future post. I will give that band credit, when I post about them.  The second video “open” is the track, that is screaming towards a million views, and beyond.  The third video gives us a live listen, and evidence that the owner of those heavenly pipes is indeed a man, and there ain’t a dang thing wrong with that. Blessed is blessed.

Ryhe official homepage

Ryhe Facebook page

Ryhe Itunes page (New album “Woman” available)

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


2 responses to “Ryhe

  1. A radio show I listen to occasionally, Sound Opinions, gave some time to this album. Yes, it’s two guys.
    Doesn’t mean the music isn’t good though, no matter how much it sounds like Basia or Sade.

    • I don’t even know who Basia or Sade is. I think, I have heard of Sade though, seems familiar. I spend so much time listening to unknowns, that I lose touch with the known. My oldest helps me a bit with the known, to his credit.

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