Then Thickens


Then Thickens is my band of the day. This group comes from the home of the Chorley Cake. That would be Chorley, a town in Lancashire, England. Yep, we are going back to The Island. This six piece band caught my ear with a Low Fi piece called “Love Me With Your Heart.” This song in Low Fi, is a master piece. As I have written before, I am always searching for beauty in imperfection. This song is a red diamond to me, in this form. I will get back to this song in a bit, because I want to share what I know about the band first.

John Lee-Martin (Fi-Lo band, Kong) is the man who started the band back in 2009, unless my research department has once again failed me. John is the lead man of the band and certainly has the voice for it.  Thanks to my research department, I can only give you the first names of the other band members.  That would be Charlie,  Bobby, Helen, Sean, and Thomas.  Outside of that, I know very little about the group.

I want to clarify that I in no way am being critical of the artists here or their producer.  Musicians spend their lives pouring their every fiber of being into their music, and far to many folks who went off to college or to other careers, while these artists played for their next meal, are far to quick to make poor judgments about the results of these musicians efforts. I have never found Low-Fi tracks attractive.  I started on vinyl, than CD, than digital as all of us born before these technologies advanced, probably have.  When I heard Low-Fi, I must have just figured it was some stoned group trying to start some silly trend. Kind of like an old friend who had a sweet leather jacket, where he had torn a hole in one of the arm sleeves. He decided, he would be the first dude to wear the one sleeved leather jacket.  He cut the damaged sleeve off, and off to the bars we went. Well, he was the first to wear that style, and he was the last. This song is not like that jacket.  Now here is the other bad part for me. When I went to their BandCamp page, and listened to the produced cut of this track, I almost cried.  Was this because I feel in love with the one track version? Have I been sucked into the Low-Fi world of tunes? If Caveman or John reads this before listening to the posted video, please go listen to the  eleventh track on the Band Camp page “Love Me With Your Heart.”  Go listen to the track a couple of times, than listen to the video I posted of the Low Fi version.  Please tell me, that the one track version is better. It just feels magical to me.

Well the coolest thing is, this band has 19 other tunes on their first album, Blood in the River Ribble Vol 1, and seven tunes on, Yarrow Road. This is one of those groups that won’t be underground for very long. Their crap don’t stink, and it rocks to high Heaven.

The first video is the song, that may change my life, at least when it comes to Low-Fi. The second one I posted is “Death Cap.” This cut is Hi-Fi and is their most popular video on the Tube. I like it a lot and it has hit potential.  The third,”Any Other Thing,” is another Lo-Fi, live cut. The sound is a bit rough, but I can hear the potential of another outstanding track.

Then Thickens blog page

Then Thickens Facebook page

Then Thickens BandCamp page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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