Super Best Friends


The underground band of the day is from Canberra, Australia.  That happens to be the capital of Australia. The group has been around since at least 2007 and one of their biggest influences is the show, South Park.  Their name is also derived from South Park.  They have a lot of fun with their lyrics and also use a keyboard that may have been used to make the soundtrack for the Legend of Zelda video game.  Their use of that keyboard works well for me, and I also enjoy listening to their drummer, Adam Bridges, who is much better than ordinary. This group in a sense reminds me of Offspring. Not in sound, but in their attitude.  In a depressed world, where the news is always focused on how everything and everyone sucks, we can always use some satire sources to level things out a bit.

Super Best Friends consists of Johnny Barrington on vocals, guitar, and keyboard.  Matt Roberts is on bass and vocals. Adam Bridges is the drummer and contributes vocals as well.

The first video is  “No Logo Is A Joke.” I absolutely love everything about this song.  It is deeply punk in spirit and form.  This song brings back the memory of generic beer here, in the US.  It was in a white can, and simply had BEER printed on the cans.  Whoever made it, was afraid to claim it, it was that bad. I think the song is geared more to how people are so easily influenced by ads, when it comes to how they spend their money.  As long as it isn’t beer, I got to agree with the message that I believe is intended.  Beer and Ketchup should never be a off brand purchase. The second video is “Karma Karma.”  This is another ripping to shreds, punk rock track. The video itself seems to be a collection of some webcam video sent in by fans, along with some of the bands own video footage worked in. I like how it is done. The third video is “Ready Aim Fire.” This song was released in 2009, and I like it as well. The drum work stands out to me on this track, but it has a little more metal to it. I can’t predict if this band breaks out or not, but I know, I will keep my eye on them, for any new releases.

Super Best Friends home page

Super Best Friends Facebook page

Super Best Friends bandcamp page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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