Black Prairie


The band of the day is from Portland, Oregon. This five piece band will be playing on the Jay Leno show, March 19th.  They have been together since 2007, but didn’t release their first album  “Feast of the Hunter’s Moon” till 2010.  Their new album “A Tear in the Eye Is a Wound in the Heart” was released in September.  The group is  described as an Americana band, but to me they sound a bit like blue grass and little like Folk music.  It is almost country, but it isn’t. I suppose that is Americana.  It is a very clean and powerful sound, which this group makes.  Their use of the accordion is not overpowering, and blends well with what the group is doing as a unit. 

The band has three former members of the Decemberists. Jenny Conlee-Drizos (Decemberists) is on accordion and  vocals.
Chris Funk (Decemberists) plays the dobro, weissenborn, bazouki, and performs Vocals. Nate Query (Decemberists) plays the acoustic bass, and cello. Annalisa Tornfelt plays the violin and sings vocals.  Jon Neufeld  plays the  archtop guitar and contributes vocals.  This group reminds of Walking Papers, in the sense they are seasoned artists.  With their level of experience, we should expect the level of perfection that they deliver on the live cuts available, but we shouldn’t take it for granted either.  Far to many bands sound great when the tracks are layered together in the studio, but lack cohesiveness playing live. For me, this band is perfect for a lazy, Sunday afternoon.

I also look forward to seeing them on the Leno show.  Leno’s viewers are in for a little treat on March 19th.

The first video is “Nowhere, Massachusetts”, which is my favorite from the group. The second video is “How Do You Ruin Me.” The third is “Rock of Ages.” I posted all live, recorded videos, since this band sounds so good live.

Black Prairie Official blog site

Black Prairie Facebook page

Black Prairie Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.


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