Embers- The Band of the Month 03/2013


This day, I take you back to The Island.  We are going north, to a city full of musical innovation. Ask me where the Bee Gees spent most of their youth? Where did the Sex Pistols come from? Joy Division, The Buzzcocks, The Smiths, New Order, Oasis, The Stone Roses? The city of Manchester is bursting at the seams, gorged with history of musical innovation.  Will today’s band of the month, be added to such a wealthy list, of accomplished artists? Certainly the odds would seem to forbid that, but I will let this group’s art stand on it’s own merit. The music truly sells itself and the music will find it’s audience, and that audience will be long sustained if this band can grow and continue together building upon such a small, great sample they have created thus far.

I don’t know what genre to place this band in. I originally placed them in “Synch Pop”, when I cataloged them. Looking back, I can’t remember why I did that, and don’t think that was accurate at all, after listening to them for over two hours this morning.  It is Majestic Rock to me.  I hear a little Radiohead, and maybe a little of Evanescence. I am lost in a sea of loving it, other than that.  Is it Eclectic Rock? If any readers have a better feel, for the genre this group belongs in, please grace me with your knowledge. I would be grateful.  Maybe we should simply just call it Madchester Rock.

Embers, not to be confused with the band from Oakland, California, has only been together since 2011. George Agan is the lead vocalist and on guitar. Will Clutton is on bass and keyboards. Steve Mclnerney is on guitar, and Nathan Howard is the drummer.  There are some great reviews of this band from the UK scene. I was not able to locate any articles in the USA on them. If you want to know more click this. There should be a list of articles from a Google search, if I did it proper.  The band is currently unsigned, and that is not for want by recording outfits. It is by their own choosing it seems, to build slowly underground,  and let their music naturally find it’s audience.  I can’t really say enough, how impressive the sample is. I should of saved this group for band of the week, for they are very deserving.  As I sit here writing, I am feeling overwhelmed and moved by Embers creations, with innovations stirring within myself, and am naming Embers, the band of the month,  the first one ever.

I linked their playlist from the Embers YouTube channel. I am smitten by them all, and can’t settle on my usual three.  Manchester, thank you for the bounty of innovative artists you have bore, for the rest of the world to enjoy and thank you for the newest fruit, from your womb, a group of artists named, Embers.

Embers official homepage

Embers Facebook page

Embers Twitter page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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